Throwin’ On My Louboutins

I mean….I had such an awesome couple of days!
First I was Skipper with our Barbie photoshoot….

Then I went to pole class today at Pole Dance Fitness which was lots of fun! I did a headstand for the first time! SO cool!


Then Elyse and I went straight to Caesar’s Palace for lunch and shopping but before we could even stop for a bathroom break we were in Christian Louboutin and there I was buying my brand spankin new high heels with the beautiful red soles!

They were my Christmas present from my daddy, and half from my New Year’s Eve gig! So thank you daddy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


After that little pit stop we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and spent more money doing more shopping. Went to Elyse’s and watched DEXTER!!!!!
For dinner we met up with lots of friends at Mint Indian Bistro which was delicious!!!!! Highly recommend this place over that India Palace! They were amazing, nice, food was great, loved it. After dinner we met up with Kelly for drinks at Crown and Anchor, our (until now) favorite pub to go to. They are discontinuing the raspberry cider which I am very depressed about. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not happy about this! But I got a pear cider and we chatted until 2:30am.

Such a great day off! Back to work tomorrow and then Jubilee! auditions are Monday!! Going to be another awesome week!!! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! What are your plans?


Negative Pull Ups

Ah ha!ย  So that’s how you do it….

See….I can’t even hold myself on the bar there so…it’s impossible to do a pull up.ย  Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

Found this vid on another great aerial blog here.

Lots of Classes Yesterday

Yesterday I took aerial cerceau at Hollywood Aerial Arts.ย  All the people who take there are performing this week at the LA County fair actually, if anyone is interested.ย  I wanna go watch but I gotta for the rest o’ the week. But go check it out if you can!ย  I think they’re doing trapeze, some aerial hoop and silks.ย  Looks very cool in pics I saw!

Class was awesome.ย  We worked on a routine, straddlebacks, birds nest, angel, ankle hangs, and heel hangs.ย  Ugh!ย  They are so hard!ย  I had never tried a heel hang before.ย  If you don’t know, it looks like this at 2:24:

I couldn’t find a good picture!ย  The girl isn’t great but she does a heel hang!ย  I sure can’t do it yet!

We did some conditioning after class but I am still so weak it’s hard to do anything.ย  That’s why I like long routines because you think you are just dancing, but it is so good for the muscles.ย  I’ve been trying to do situps and push ups everyday, but I’m not where I want to be!ย  I know it takes lots of time to build muscle but I wanna be good NOW!! :p

Finally, at night I took a tissu class at Hidden Talents.ย  Heres a vid of me!

I Wanna Be A Showgirl

Pursuit of Cute has always been a blog about my mundane life experiences, fashion choices, and other fun events thrown in.ย  However, as I grow and change, so must my blog.ย  I will be introducing a new installment called “I Wanna Be A Showgirl.”ย  Why?ย  Well, because I do. I’ll write mostly about my quest for glamor and the journey to Las Vegas, NV.ย  Auditions are in July and I am working my ass off trying to make it!ย  I hope you enjoy reading my blog!ย  :p

Yesterday, as I’m building strength, getting healthy, and conquering the hoop, I totally sprained my left wrist.ย  I had worked up to doing 1-2 hours of exercise 5 days a week.ย  I was feeling awesome and pretty strong, considering I’ve never had arm muscle in my life.ย  But stupid me, feeling over confident I went to flip off the hoop and my wrist gave out and my body weight crumpled on top of my wrist.ย  OW!ย  It isn’t fractured luckily, but just sprained.ย  Still,ย  all I could think of when I fell to the floor was UGH I’ll be out of commission for a week or so missing all my classes.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Bumming out right now.

Oh well.ย  I suppose I can stretch on my own and do sit ups, etc.ย  I know myself though, and I SO do not have enough willpower.ย  I’d rather pay money for someone else to tell me what to do.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Is anyone else like that?

Midterms tomorrow.

‘Till next time!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dancing in the Sky

For the past six weeks I’ve been taking aerial lessons at Hidden Talents Fitness in Huntington Beach.

I’m just so excited because I have exercised everyday for this past week, and I anticipate keeping my routine for the next few months.ย  My schedule includes:

Monday: 1 1/2 hours of ballet
Tuesday: 1 hour aerial fitness followed by 1 hour of aerial hoop and tissu
Wednesday:ย  1 hour of aerial hoop and tissu
Thursday:ย  1 1/2 hours of ballet
Friday:ย  Pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and stretching
Sunday:ย  Kayaking

In retrospect, this week wasn’t even that difficult!ย  Truthfully I looked forward to every class!

I wish I had the money to take more, but it is kind of pricey.ย  Anywhere you go it is going to be at least $30 a class.ย  Sucks because you can get a gym membership at $25 for an entire month!ย  However, you can get deals and packages at studios that make it a little less.ย  I am just so lucky that I am not paying rent right now or I know I wouldn’t be able to take these!ย  Yikes!

The classes I am taking includes the hoop/lira and tissu/fabric/silk.ย  The lira is basically a strong hula hoop hanging from the ceiling, and the tissu is two long pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

This aerial hoop girl video is awesome and there are soo many more videos on YouTube.

This is a video of aerial silk from Cirque du Soleil.ย  Click to about halfway through cuz the first part is slow.


Is anyone else taking crazy acrobatic classes right now?ย  I really want to learn contortion but I don’t know anywhere that teaches it. Lemme know!