Brooklyn Bridge Feels

Day 6: Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Walking along the swooping Brooklyn Bridge was magical. The weather was hot, but the breeze over the water was delicious.  The green scenery and views of the Manhattan skyline were stunning and inspiring. New York is such a unique place and it really is alive. Around every corner is another adorable eatery that we have to try. I am getting heavier and heavier, but the walking is doing me good.

Once we reached Dumbo, Brooklyn we sauntered down to the water where Grimaldi’s pizza place is on Front St. You can take the NYC ferry back over to Manhattan, but it isn’t included in your Metropass anymore, so the Subway it was.

I’m sure we will be back to Brooklyn again soon!



Day 3: Bloomies!

I love shopping malls in NYC. They remind me of Christmas and presents and new clothes! Also, air conditioning in the summer. We stopped by Magnolia Bakery inside Bloomingdales for a quick Pride rainbow cupcake. I have to say: I’m a Sprinkles girl! Good thing too because Erica just got a job with Sprinkles Cupcakes! My dream come true!

Lincoln Center

Day 2: Lincoln Center

On day two in NYC I had an interview with Bloch at their store in Lincoln Center. It’s a fantastic location literally across from the infamous theater. I would love to go see a ballet there soon!

It rained a little bit in the afternoon and I met up with my former showgirl friends Val and Lucie for lunch at Irving Farm on the West Side. We sat on the stairs of The Met like the Gossip Girls and people watched while we rested our feet. Walked through Central Park, saw Turtle Pond, and made the trek back home.

Bushwick, Brooklyn


Day 1: Brunswick, Brooklyn

My girlfriend had an interview in Brooklyn the first day we arrived in NYC so we headed over to one of the five boroughs. There was awesome graffiti on most of the buildings, which is why they do full on graffiti tours in Bushwick.

We stopped by Blue Bottle Coffee for a refreshing iced coffee in the afternoon. Blue Bottle roasts all of their beans in Brooklyn at the facility we went to, which was really cool to see.

Sleeping Beauty


I would LOVE to sleep all day today…but it is time to HUSTLE! This is my performance back in 2006 as the Fairy of Serenity in Festival Ballet Theater’s “The Sleeping Beauty.”

I loved doing this solo because it is calm, graceful and slow.  I was really good at adagio, not so much the fast turns and tricks.  This was my forté.

What is your favorite ballet or part to perform?

Catalina on our Boat






What an amazing week it has been!!! Worked on my tan this Wednesday on my dad’s sailboat in Catalina! The weather was beyond perfect. 82 degrees with a nice ocean breeze. Ahhhhh. #alwaysonvacation

Tip: do NOT go to Descanso Beach before next summer. It’s under construction and they should not be serving food. It was like the most terrible, stale meal I’ve ever had. And slowwwww service too. It’s not their fault…just don’t go there until the new beach club is open. Avalon still provided it’s gloriously perfect beach and epic ice cream to go with it.