Long Beach Lobster Fest

Have you ever had to pull the poor little claws off a lobster and clean off the tail and eat all the meat?! Omg I never had but my first experience was on Sunday!  The Long Beach Lobster Fest was in town and I ate a whole lobster!

I don’t think I will ever do it again.  I would much rather get some nicely already cracked and clean lobster meat with some mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. (The Morano Lenaya Faustman?!…ommmgggg!)

This was just too emotional of an experience for my sister and I both I think.  Poor lobbys.  I’ll eat it.  But I sure don’t want to dismember the guy first, thanks.  We had a nice meal though on the crazy hot 100 degree day, and sat on the boat for a bit.





Mickey Ears

I am back in the land of Disney workin’ for the mouse.  I am so happy that one of my dreams came true AGAIN! Getting into parades was the best day of my life, and now I get to experience that elation some more!

Training is hours upon hours of information, but this time around I got my Mickey Mouse ears to celebrate!

This week starts my “full time” work Monday thru Friday!  Workin’ hard for the money!  Not really, I get to dance.  It’s super fun.  I never work a day in my life! SO looking forward to making some new friends, Halloween, T-Giving, my 26th birthday (omg), and Christmas!  This time last year I was aboard the Celebrity Century sailing to Hawaii and Mexico. While an amazing experience, being away from family and friends was pretty rough.



Lady Gaga Artrave in Las Vegas

I forgot to post about our amazing weekend in Las Vegas!  WHAT! Unacceptable! Kara, Meradith, and I had a fantastic weekend in Vegas and I am SO happy I got to visit Kara on her birthday weekend!  I had to go before I started back at Disneyland, and Gaga was in town, it was just meant to be!!

First of all: GAGAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Seeing her in concert was one of my “bucket list” type of things to do, so I couldn’t wait to go with one of my best friends! 😀

Kara is also my BFF because she gets the best hookupssss as one of the best PR associates in the state!!! :p  We had a beyond amazing 10 course meal at Joel Robouchon’s L’Atelier at the MGM Grand before the concert.  The quail stuffed with fois gras is one of their signature dishes, as you can see on the website, and it was exquisite.  I highly recommend this intriguing dining spot if you are ever in Vegas.  The photo below features some of the other dishes we ate including lobster, oysters, and stuffed peppers with shaved parmesan. Oh and we also got four desserts each. YUM.

For Kara’s second evening of birthday celebrations we headed to the Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas which has something for everyone!  Including guys who buy you drinks all night and move on to the closest flowery skirt wearing hooker he can find when he knows it’s not going to happen!  BUT let’s not discuss that! 🙂  There’s a cute band, a DJ, hopscotch, inside and outside bars, pool tables, pizza, etc!  The Gold Spike is also “home” to Zappos’s “Campus” or whatever Google-type community thing they’re trying to do.  Overall a great night! We got our makeup done at Sephora before going out. I mean, we did ALL of my favorite things!!!!

To close out the weekend I went and saw my gorgeous friends in the new and improved Jubilee! -The Showgirl Reborn!  I must say I had a great time even though some songs were just out of place and some changes were cringe worthy.  I LOVED seeing everyone in the show.  They are so talented and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to call the cast my friends and family forever.  So lucky to have been in the show as well!  Missing those glamorous showgirl days!














20140531-153715-56235644.jpg I’m so happy I bought this dress! It’s adorable!  Plus, it has been dining out city this week because my sister left for South Korea today and we have been out to eat for every meal.  Whew!  It was perfect to cover up those extra tacos, chicken pitas, and creme brûlées. heheh  I got size ML because the small is SO short.

Dress:  American Apparel/ Also love this one and this

Terranea: LA’s Oceanfront Resort

photo 2   My Auntie Rita, fierce entrepreneur business owner of Elite Resorts and Spas, recommended we stay at one of her favorite resorts called Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It is only about 40 minutes away from Huntington Beach so we were in for a sweet staycation! This place is absolutely amazing!  Just look at this oceanview from the pool!! photo 5 photo 1   photo 3     photo 2 photo 1 photo 5   After galavanting at the pool all afternoon we headed to dinner at Nelson’s at the resort.  Nelson’s is SO cute and you can eat outside overlooking the ocean on picnic benches on sand!  The sunset, food, company was all great!  We ordered sweet potato fries (A+), Blackened swordfish from CA, and a Salted Caramel Cake Parfait.  Delish!  This was definitely food with a view! (My favorite!)   photo 1   photo 2   photo 3     photo 1 In the Summer/Fall behind this cute little area they have a very festive beer garden under twinkling lights at night!  Live music and lots of beer to try. Sounds like a fun time to be had by all!  I just love that almost everywhere on the grounds are fire pits and  comfy couches.  Inside, outside, you’ll be comfortable anywhere! photo 2   View at dinner.  Perfection!   photo 3   Me, Mom, Uncle, Sister, Auntie

If you are in the LA area, it would be an awesome time to come and hang out for a day at the hotel.

Insider tips from Rita: Parking is $20 for the day.  If you want to lay by the pool, book a facial treatment (the least expensive, $74) and then hang out at the best pool with a view overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  Plus, the Spa Pool is 18+, no screaming kids for a relaxing day with the girls!  Order a pineapple strawberry smoothie and live in bliss! For some more amazing resorts Rita represents, head on over to Elite Resorts and Spas! 

Bikini: Victoria’s Secret
Dress: Fruta Latina
Bag: Louis Vuitton

My Favorite Food In Southern California

These are my favoritest and bestest places to go and enjoy some delicious food all in one magical day.  After traveling to some amazing parts of the world, I do have some newly acquired tastes, but when I came home the first thing I did was knock off all of my favorite food places!  Isn’t it strange how we love the comforts of home so much?!  If I had an ideal foodie day in California here is what it would entail:


Breakfast at Ruby ‘s on the Huntington Beach Pier.  Sit on the second floor and overlook the sparkling blue ocean while gorging on Cinnamon Roll French Toast.  Just get there before 11am or you’ll miss breakfast.


Lunch at Jan’s Health Food in Huntington Beach.  Sit outside in the sun and people watch.  Order a Surf Shop Special with half turkey avo sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup with chips.  Outstanding.  And you feel healthy after that sugary breakfast! 😉


Just head down PCH and enjoy a 15 min scenic road trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach.  After some light shopping at South Coast Plaza, look out over the ocean and chow down on a dark chocolate sprinkle cake.  Yum.


Dinner at 25 Degrees downtown HB.  The pesto, roasted tomato, and mozzarella burger is the best burger Ive ever had.

photo (1)

Finally, after watching the fireworks at Disneyland, get the chocolate souffle bread pudding at Downtown Disney in Anaheim at The Jazz Kitchen.  To die for!

l (1)

photo (1)