Splash Dance Thursdays


Part Three of my super awesome week was Splash Dance Thursday at Surrender!  Every Thursday me and the Jubigirls head out to the pool at Encore Beach Club and play!  It is the perfect place to be because it’s still warm outside, you get to be in the pool, and it has a nightclub atmosphere. Oh, and you don’t have to wear high heels!


As you can see, the club is quite popular so it’s nice to get the VIP treatment with free drinks and cabana beds.


If you are searching for a good pool to go to next time you’re in Vegas, try Encore’s Beach Club and Splash Dance!  Always a fun time, because we’re there! 😉


Jubilee! 31st Anniversary Party at Pure Nightclub


Pretty exciting week ahead:  My BFF of 10 years, Ms Kara, PR woman extrordinaire, will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow and she will be seeing Jubilee!  for the first time!!!!! 😀 I am so honored she’ll be celebrating at my show and I hope she enjoys herself.  🙂

Tomorrow after the show we’ll be heading to Sugar Factory, an amazing restaurant just next door to our place of work at Paris to celebrate Nicole’s HUGE 20th birthday, one of my fellow showgirls in the cast.  Or, I guess her proper title is dancer/bluebell, I should say.

Tuesday after both of our shows the cast will be heading over to Pure Nightclub in Caesar’s Palace to celebrate Jubilee’s 31st Anniversary!  I’m amazed and thrilled that our show has been running this long and intend to party the night away!  I hear there will be cake!  And probably drinks! 😉

Quite a week of happy times!  Bring it on! 😀 I love Vegas!

Till next time!



So yesterday was crazy busy. I’ll try and be brief. But I took a photo of every major event, and maybe some that don’t matter. Here’s what I wore. Top from H&M, black pencil skirt, and Zara heels. We attended a chapter meeting so we had to look good.


Had lunch at Gulfstream in Corona del Mar with my boss and best selling author Iris Krasnow, who is hysterical, to celebrate our book launch and to talk about our next book.


Since I was in Newport, I couldn’t resist getting a box of $14 Sprinkles cupcakes! Deliciousssss. Thats breakfast lunch and dinner right there. Dur.

Did a little of this.

Drove up to Beverly Hills to see the boyfriend and have dinner with the men on Beverly.


Then spent the rest of the night at Meg’s private bday party at Drai’s classy nightclub at the W Hollywood.

What a nutso crazy day! It was quite fun though besides the driving. And now for more parades today.


Everyone in Huntington Beach is gearing up for a crazy 4th of July.  Since we claim fame to the “biggest parade west of the Mississippi” and a huge fireworks show over the pier, all of the neighborhood has to decorate every inch of their houses.  Not only that, but the entire stretch of Main Street is all staked out with lawn chairs, crime scene tape, and professional signs saying “this area reserved for the such and such family” in order to get the best seats for the parade.  Heehehe.  It’s all good fun, and I’m excited for tomorrow!  We are having a huge BBQ and block party.  And wait till you see the BBQ.  OH MY GAWD…  What is everyone planning on doing?

California State University Long Beach, Class of 2011

Wooohoooo!!!! I’m done with college!  Graduation day was amazing and I had such a great time!!  Walking down the procession line got me a little teary eyed.  Also giving my dad a hug after my ceremony was a real tear-jerker.  :p  I’m so happy I got to sit with my friends at graduation and then celebrate after, and also the next day, and the next.  hehe!  The free time is amazing and I am looking forward to sleeping in and doing nothing.  Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes, sweet cards, and gifts.  Thank you to my boyfriend Michael for coming to all of my celebrations and taking lots of pictures.  Thanks to my sister for the Lady Gaga CD and coming to my ceremony.  Most of all, thank you to my parents who paid for my college education.  WOW!  That is the biggest gift I could ever ask for.  I love you both very much.  🙂

Bye bye, CSULB!

Britt’s Birthday Bash

Britt’s birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know if she would approve of me putting her age up here…so I’ll be kind…this time.

We all gathered at Roman Cucina in Newport Beach for dinner, drinks, and celebratory spumoni ice cream.  Which, might I say, is AMAZING!

Then we hit da club!!!

Pre-party chocolate.  Dur.


Christmas Party

Christmas party time!  Brittany and I trooped in the rain to a friend’s Christmas party in Long Beach.  Her apartment is adorable and was decked in the cutest decor.  Aside from walking a couple blocks, getting drenched in the rain, almost falling in my Sam Edelman boots, and getting fat on In-N-Out, it was a fabulous night! :p

Boots-Sam Edelman, Skirt-H&M, Dress-H&M, Pearls-my mother’s

We’re just a little dorky, right?