I dont know why this never posted!!  Well, um 4 years later?  Here is one night in Tokyo!


Oh my god, what a night!  My third night in Tokyo we took the subway to Roppongi, a really fancy area of Tokyo with lots of shopping, restaurants, and nightclubs.  Fiona says its called Roppongi Hills and reminds her of Beverly Hills.  Mmmmmk!

Every 5 minutes we were offered with $500.00 glasses of wine, bottles of champagne, and shots of fruity vodka.  All free, and all tasty.  What a night!  Absolutely an experience I won’t soon forget.

Me, Andrea, Fiona, and Annya

Andrea and Annya are Fiona’s roommates.  All of them are models in Japan for 3-4 months.

I brought many nicer outfits with me but it is so hot there that all I wanted to wear was tank tops and shorts!  I ended up wearing my Urban Outfitters tank and lime green bandeau.  My necklace is from Pink Latte, a Japanese store, that I bought the day before.  I bought my white chain purse while in Japan that morning.

First we went to a nightclub called Newlex.  If you are a white/European/American model, you get in free, free drinks, and free food all night.  Basically celebrities.  If you are not a model/Asian, you had to pay.  Reminder: we are IN Tokyo…it was like all white people!  So weird.

Uhm hello…beautiful French man.

And little Japanese girls.

We then headed to another club called Feria where Leonardo Dicaprio was supposed to go that night but we have no idea what happened to him.

So we moved on to the third club of the night, Jumanji 55, at about 2am.

This club was free and full of Japanese people.  Much more normal than the other Russian-models-only club.

And also a little crazier.

Fiona and model from Germany.

I was so jet lagged and tired that I was dying in the early morning partying hours.  The girls were only just getting started by Fiona and I caught a cab home around 4am (also paid for by Fiona’s many admirers).  Wow.  Just wow.




Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 6.01.53 AM

Last night was pretty epic.  Kara and I drank in (literally and figuratively) the awesomeness of Las Vegas.  We were VIPs at Body English’s Grand Re-Opening at Hard Rock Hotel.  We drank free drinks and ate delicious eclairs.  But most importantly, we paused and remembered, the seemingly lofty  conversations at the time, about how after college we were both going to move to Las Vegas and Kara was going to do PR for the hotels on the strip, and I was going to be a Vegas Showgirl.  And here we were, VIP invitees surrounded by the most influential media, television, PR, newspaper people in town.  Not too shabby!  And Body English was awesome!  Music was great, vibe is cool, atmosphere enjoyable.  Highly recommend it and will be going back often! It’s a nightclub AND afterhours club, which means it will be open late!  Good for us night owls!

After shmoozing with Vegas big-wigs we headed downtown in the rain to do some bar hopping at Dont Tell Mama, Commonwealth, The Griffin, and Drink and Drag.  Always love my Fridays here in Vegas and this one didn’t let us down!  We took to the dance floor/stage at Drink and Drag, which was very entertaining.  Never a dull moment there with the Jubilee! girls!  Especially loved singing to Rock of Ages Musical soundtrack in my car with Kara.  Love you, babe!  🙂  We did it!

My 24th Birthday!

What a crazy week! Wednesday was my birthday at work (technically at 12am) so after our last show we went to Sugar Factory in Paris to get cookie jar shakes and dinner. Shakes were amazing. Food has gone WAY downhill in the last month w the new chef. Great friends though and I got some cute gifts and cards. 🙂

20121124-053140.jpgThursday I hosted my very own afternoon English tea party at my house. I used my gorgeous new tea set and made cucumber sandwiches and blueberry muffins. We also had cookies, crumpets, scones, jam, lemon curd, and of course English breakfast tea. We wore cute outfits, listened to fancy music, and chatted. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! That evening I went to work and, oh yes, it was thanksgiving. In the employee dining room we got turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It was good, but a poor substitute for my dads holiday meals.

20121124-053308.jpg20121124-053356.jpg20121124-053443.jpgToday on our Friday off we did a little Black Friday shopping, as one does, for a few hours. Went back to Elyse’s to eat special Voodoo donuts fresh from Portland! Best donut I’ve ever had!!!! And watched killer karaoke. Wow. Pretty funny I have to say.

20121124-053511.jpgAfter that we headed to McQueen at The Wynn to try on some dresses, ya know, the usual typical average Friday.  😉  Pretty tree in The Wynn.

Met up with some chicas from the show at India Palace because I’d been longing for some Indian. Man, that place was a let down! Bad service, rude waiters, bad expensive food, and we were there for 2 hours!!!! We will not be going back!

Finally at 11pm it was time to head over to Charlie’s gay bar to watch two of our Jubilee! guys in drag! The show was great and I had fun dancing and drinking dirty Shirley’s!!!! 😮

20121124-053523.jpg20121124-053537.jpgWas an awesome weekend and it ain’t even the weekend yet. ;). Sunday I fly home to Orange County for some R&R, bday celebrations, sister’s 21st bday, thanksgiving round 2, downtown Disney, and lots of food. 🙂 can’t wait!


Friday: The Asylum, Heart Attack Grill, Bar Hopping

Today I woke up at 4pm and had some breakfast, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win.  Met up with friends in downtown LV and went to The Asylum, a crazy scary Halloween maze right on Freemont St! We were scared out of our minds!!!!! I have to say it was scarier than Knott’s Scary Farm, maybe because it was 8 minutes long, or just because the people were so good.  They said it was ranked #13 Scariest Haunted House sooooooo thats pretty good.

After that we went to Downtown Cocktail Lounge. I got an interesting Pumpkin Spice drink that was not good so ordered a cherry flavored concoction called an Onomatopoeia instead.

After that we headed to the Heart Attack Grill!!! I was SO excited to go because I saw it on Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins. We all donned patient robes and ordered our Single Bypass Burgers with fries. It was pretty delicious topped with 5 slices of bacon. There were some very large people in the joint, but the best/worst part is that if you weigh yourself on the scale and you weigh over 350 lb your burger is free! 😮

Helping to fight anorexia one burger at a time!!! Or should I say 4!

The scale outside where passersby can see how much you weigh!!!  So we all stood on it together.

Single Coronary Bypass Burgers

Chocolate Butter Fat Shake topped with a slab of butter!

Elyse and her Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger with 20 slices of bacon!

After burgers we bar hopped downtown to Beauty Bar where there are super sparkely walls and fake hair dryers, Don’t Tell Mama where there are amazing singing waitresses who play piano and harmonize, and The Griffen. Finally, to celebrate Derrick’s departure we ended the night at gay club Share.

Me and Kelly at Beauty Bar!

Another fantastic evening in Vegas if I do say so myself till 4:30am.

Tonight at work is the first day of my second contract! All the newbies start tonight so ill no longer be “New Girl.” 😉

Splash Dance Thursdays


Part Three of my super awesome week was Splash Dance Thursday at Surrender!  Every Thursday me and the Jubigirls head out to the pool at Encore Beach Club and play!  It is the perfect place to be because it’s still warm outside, you get to be in the pool, and it has a nightclub atmosphere. Oh, and you don’t have to wear high heels!


As you can see, the club is quite popular so it’s nice to get the VIP treatment with free drinks and cabana beds.


If you are searching for a good pool to go to next time you’re in Vegas, try Encore’s Beach Club and Splash Dance!  Always a fun time, because we’re there! 😉

Jubilee! Cast Celebrates 31 Years!


Tuesday the cast of Jubilee! celebrated its 31st year on the strip!  It’s just incredible how long this show has been running and I feel so lucky to be in the cast!  We partied in style in the VIP section of Pure Nightclub with a pretty pink and orange anniversary cake.  Though no one got a slice, it’s the thought that counts?


I loved seeing all my awesome co-workers looking relatively normal.  🙂  And by that I mean sans 3 foot false eyelashes and bird feathers.


Me and two of my fellow short nudes: Elyse from Australia, and Annelise from France!


Party animals!  Erin and I dancing the night away.  I had such a good time with good company.  Couldn’t ask for more!  Thanks, Pure!

Jubilee! 31st Anniversary Party at Pure Nightclub


Pretty exciting week ahead:  My BFF of 10 years, Ms Kara, PR woman extrordinaire, will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow and she will be seeing Jubilee!  for the first time!!!!! 😀 I am so honored she’ll be celebrating at my show and I hope she enjoys herself.  🙂

Tomorrow after the show we’ll be heading to Sugar Factory, an amazing restaurant just next door to our place of work at Paris to celebrate Nicole’s HUGE 20th birthday, one of my fellow showgirls in the cast.  Or, I guess her proper title is dancer/bluebell, I should say.

Tuesday after both of our shows the cast will be heading over to Pure Nightclub in Caesar’s Palace to celebrate Jubilee’s 31st Anniversary!  I’m amazed and thrilled that our show has been running this long and intend to party the night away!  I hear there will be cake!  And probably drinks! 😉

Quite a week of happy times!  Bring it on! 😀 I love Vegas!

Till next time!