Crazy Colors

Got some new orangey red lipstick from NYX and wanted to try it out with my new lavender hair!  Orange, teal, lavender, white, gold, leopard.  A match made in heaven! :p







MAC Lipstick

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 4.46.58 PM

Ever since I got my complimentary MAC Pro card from being a showgirl in Jubilee!, I was hooked.  I LOVE MAC LIPSTICK!  MAC just does it right.  I have been wearing the Studio Fix powder since high school, then the foundation since I was in Disneyland, then after I got free products at Jubilee!, and the wonderful 35% off with a free Pro card, I am all about the lipsticks.  I have about 6 or 7 and want more!  Most of them are variations of pink, but hello, pink lipstick is da bomb.  They’re quite expensive at $16 a pop, but it doesn’t stop me.  I am running out of my favorite color of all time, the Viva Glam Gaga Lustre, which was a limited edition.  I’ve got to find something to replace it!  Colorful MAC lipstick is my “outfit completer.”  What is your “outfit topper” beauty product that makes your day?

My Last Day at The Jubes In Videos!


I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 1/2 years at Jubilee! here in Las Vegas.  I am still so honored to have been a part of the 32 year old spectacular- the last remaining showgirl spectacle on the strip!   I am especially thankful given the recent dramaaaa floating around regarding the Jubilee overhaul.  Mr. Frank Gatson Jr, “choreographer to the stars,” (AKA BEYONCE) has signed on to revamp Jubilee after it has pretty much stayed the same show for 32 years.  Now that the show is threatening to change, I’m so happy to have been in at least one of the “original” versions of the show.  Who knows, maybe it will largely stay the same with some great additions of…LED screens, holographic people, and HIGHER DANCE HEELS! OH GOD FORGET IT!!! IT IS ALL DOWNHILL!!! RUN!  Just joshin…. I really do think the show needs it.

I personally agree that:  1. It needs somewhat of a story line.  Or at least blocks of story lines.  Like “Showgirls through the years” or “Las Vegas” or “Hollywood Movie Musicals” or “Beyonce Rules the World.”  I don’t know, just some sort of semblance of a seamless show.  2. It is boring.  Take out those terrible variety acts PLEASE!!!! and just make the show shorter, don’t add a hologram of Danny The Cube Guy twirling shit.  It is not going to be better.  3.  I agree with the costume updates for the dudes.  Those sparkly t-shirts do NOT complement our rhinestone magnificent behemoths.  They just don’t.

Other than that, he wants to “look at raising the heel height.”  Ugh yikes. No thanks.  And change the choreo.  Has he ever choreographed for musical theater, let alone topless musical theater?  He might be in over his head.

Reality is finally kicking in in fantasy Natalie land and I have less than a week until I begin rehearsals with Mike Maloney Productions and learn new shows to dance on the Celebrity Century cruise ship!!  First Disneyland, then Jubilee, now I am starting another dream job on my list…it’s amazing!  I’ve started to pack…nope…started to think about what to pack.  And then I do nothing.  Can’t wait to spend the week taking care of business (nails, massages, go karting…the usual) and then start sweating it out in the rehearsal room.  Looking forward to working 6 days again, but this time its 9am-5pm rehearsals for a whole month!  Ugh!  Better get used to that normal people time.  Yuck.

Here is a video I smashed together of all the videos I took on my last day at the Jubes.  Hopefully there aren’t too many boobs in it!  If you find it boring, it might be because of the lack of boobs, or you just should not watch my videos cuz you suck.  Anywhoo, I had an amazing last day and I hope you enjoy the 8 minute video!  Thanks to all my wonderful friends in the Jubilee family who made me feel so loved and special.  I will never forget you! 😀

Showgirl Makeup…Uh….Tutorial?



Well…I would like to preface saying my last day at the Jubes was a little bit busy sooo I kind of forgot that I had wanted to film my whole makeup process…so I started in the middle, cut out the middle, but managed to get my lips and lashes filmed.

Well… I would also like to say that I am just glad I got a little bit of my experience at the jubes on video.  I also love the conversations that were going on in the dressing room while I did my makeup so Ill include those in a future video.

This one is just quick to show a little of what the makeup process is: quite intensive in heavy application, a la drag queen makeup, but we can really get it all done in less than 10 minutes.  We then have 3 minutes to put on underwear, fishnets, LaDuca silver heels, underwire. Then at 2 minutes you put on gloves, necklace, earrings, bracelets, skirt, and you’re on!

I use all MAC makeup, because we get a little discount, but my lipstick is Walmart Retro Red for 99 cents!!!!! LOL.  “Get that classic showgirl red from your local Walmart!”  Cracks me up.

Our huge lashes are “special order” from who knows where in Asia and each showgirl has to pay $4 per set to the Jubilee office. Ridiculous.  Some girls use one pair per 6 months, I think I went through 6 pairs in 3 contracts, so 1 pair every 3 months.

Thanks for readin’!

NEW Lady Gaga MAC Lipstick

MAC has announced ANOTHER Lady Gaga lipstick color.  Wow, my prayers have been answered! Not for realzies. But damn, I wasn’t expecting this!
MAC describes the color as a “light warm beige” on the website.

I ADORE my current bubble gum pink Lady Gaga lipstick and cant get though the day without wearing it…
Sooooo…in a moment of weakness I just might walk by the MAC counter and pick up a tube.  Yes.  It’s settled.  I will support Mama Monster and MAC Cosmetics and the MAC Aids Fund.

Shop here!

Isnt she amazing?

What do you think of the color? Has anyone used it yet?

Plus: Born This Way: On repeat for 3 days straight in my car/ipod/macbook! Go listen!

SO CUTE- Wonder Woman by MAC

Loving this new line by MAC Cosmetics featuring none other than WONDER WOMAN!  How much more awesome can you get?  I am all about bright colors and her iconic Americana outfit.  Love it!!

Wonder Woman Powder Blush $24.00

Wonder Woman Utility Belt Eye Brush Set $49.50

Wonder Woman Lipstick $15.50

You can view the entire collection and shop here.

PLUS!! Follow Wonder Woman MAC on Foursquare for the chance to win a limited edition Wonder Woman ring!!






Did you notice anything new??

I have finally changed my logo photo.  I still love the red stiletto I had, but I made it in Word really quickly when I first started my blog in June (?).   Now almost six months later I need a change!   My logo still involves a high heel, but now it’s edgier and I’m literally devouring fashion! HAHA! :p

Friday night I went shopping with my bff and makeup guru Brittany.  I bought $100.00 worth of MAC makeup including their Tartan brush collection “Sweep Me Off My Feet,” blush in “Well Dressed,” and their Lady Gaga pink lipstick.


I bought the brush set called “Sweep Me Off My Feet”  and I am so glad I did because I really needed all the brushes in the set.  The tartan pattern is so sweet because it reminds me of my cute Irish grandmother and all her chic plaid skirts.  🙂  The case is putting me in a holiday mood as well, as I get to retire my tired old summery Sephora makeup bag.

The limited edition Lady Gaga lipstick is a Fabulous Pink color, and I have been wearing it non stop.  I am OBSESSED!  Plus, every cent of the Viva Glam lipsticks purchased goes to the MAC Aids Fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Seriously.  I had been lusting after it so bad but didn’t want to pay $14.50.  Glad I changed my mind because seriously best buy of the week.

Some Photobooth pics I took while bored at work today (sorry for the bad quality!).  I’m wearing the pink Lady Gaga lipstick:

Lipstick-MAC, Shirt and Ring-f21, Necklace-Pink Latte in Japan