Today the Jubilee! audition crew (as we call it now) went to two auditions.  We also had one Monday.  It’s been a busy week!  Both good auditions, but we were starving after!!!  Had a delicious lunch and cupcake collision dessert at The Palazzo as you can see pictured above.  Yummmmmy! Had one show tonight at work and the audience was awesome!  Coco from Peepshow was watching, and some very enthusiastic girls (we think they might be Rockettes?), but their cheers really reminded me why I do what I do!  Always nice.  After work, half the cast of Jubilee went to Sierra Gold for our friends b-day.  Elyse’s husband Mark was there and he is sooooooooo cool.  What a guy!!!!!!!!!  Especially after he pranked called me yesterday at 1am!  Such a jokester!

Anyways.  Sleep tonight.  Two shows tomorrow, then Friday I am off to California for a little vay cay! Looking forward to seeing my family, my auntie Shirley from Holland, chatting with my mom, and hanging out at the beach with my dad.  Wish my sissy Fiona was going to be there, but she is living the model life in Korea.  So….that’s alright.

Till next time!



White Converse Sneaks

Another fabulous sunny day in OC! Michael and I went to lunch at BJ’s on Main St. and it was quite lovely!  We had fun people watching and sitting on the patio.


Rose Garden

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day off.  Michael and I went to the Exposition Rose Garden across from USC last week.  The views were gorgeous and every rose had a different scent.  It was like walking through the Queen of Hearts’ garden in Alice In Wonderland. Definitely go if you havn’t seen this place.  Very cool.  We enjoyed sandwiches and drinks on a cute little white bench under a gazebo in the middle of thousands of roses.

Cute Escape – Venice Beach

Venice Beach is amazing!  We happened to have 80 degree weather in January and I think everyone and their dog came to Venice this weekend. When you get to Venice, you can’t help but smile.  The vibe is chill and exciting.  The people are crazy and high.  There’s shopping, fried food, and a contagious party atmosphere.

Deep fried Oreoes are God’s gift to man.

Michael’s most amazing photo ever.  Check out for more skateboarder pics!!




Christmas Eve!

Can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve!!!!

Top-Ralph Lauren Polo from Macy’s, Jeans- Betsey Johnson, Belt- Lucky Brand, Trapper Hat-Urban Outfitters, Pea coat- Kenneth Cole Reaction from Macy’s, Bag- Charles David, Sunglasses- Coach

In other good news, I just found out I got a 4.0 this semester at school!  This is my second 4.0 in a row!  I didn’t think I could pull it off, but I really hung in there and did it!  I am thrilled.  🙂  I can add my nice framed certificate next to the one prominently hanging in my room.  🙂 Yay.

Michael and I posing for backseat pics.  We don’t have very many good pics together.  This has GOT to change.  ❤

Very excited to open presents and give out presents to my most beloved friends and family.  What is your favorite part of Christmas?  Today my mom and I baked cookies pretty much all day.  I will post pics later!  They are too cute, and the cookies are SO good, if I do say so myself.  🙂

Have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous day off!!!  And of course, enjoy the after holiday shopping!!




Déjeuner avec la mère de mon petit ami.

Laurie and I went xmas shopping today at South Coast Plaza and had lunch at Quattro Cafe.  The mall wasn’t too busy which was good and I came away with a plaid Christmasy Ralph Lauren blouse for 60% off.  Super!  :p

Flats-Coach, Scarf-Gifted from Gypsy 05, Ring-Gifted from Modcloth, Pea coat-f21, Sunglasses-Coach, Lipstick- MAC Lady Gaga, Bag- Gifted from Vans and So Much Pretty

I then went to take my last final of the semester!!!!!!!!!!!  Hoorayyy!!!!!!!!!  Im free!!!!!  Then one more semester to go…

Takin’ my cute little Scantron and Blue Book to school 🙂

Boots-Madden Girl, Scarf-American Apparel

To celebrate the end of my semester, Brittany and I went to get strawberry margaritas and Mexican food.  We ate at my favorite place in Huntington, Mario’s on Beach Blvd, and we were the only people in the restaurant!  :p  It’s soooo good and never busy!


On this beautiful Veteran’s Day in November, my dad and I went out to lunch on the beach at Sandy’s.  The food was amazing!  We split Cajun spiced rack of lamb with Tzatziki sauce and a roasted turkey sandwich on Ciabatta bread with tomato apricot chutney, sliced apples, and brie cheese.  MMMMM!  Are you hungry now?  The weather was gorgeous at a perfect high 78 degrees and sun shining right on us.  What a perfect moment.  🙂

I wore this outfit yesterday, not today, so I’m cheating a little bit.  🙂  I didn’t take any photos today except this one while at lunch:

Boots-Madden Girl, Hat-Epoch (sister’s)

We went into a couple store in downtown HB while we were out including American Apparel.  I saw this 3-D Rose sweater that I want so bad and hinted at it to my dad.  Maybe birthday or xmas! 😉

What is on your Christmas wish list?!  Don’t lie, you know you’ve had one ready since July…