Terranea: LA’s Oceanfront Resort

photo 2   My Auntie Rita, fierce entrepreneur business owner of Elite Resorts and Spas, recommended we stay at one of her favorite resorts called Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It is only about 40 minutes away from Huntington Beach so we were in for a sweet staycation! This place is absolutely amazing!  Just look at this oceanview from the pool!! photo 5 photo 1   photo 3     photo 2 photo 1 photo 5   After galavanting at the pool all afternoon we headed to dinner at Nelson’s at the resort.  Nelson’s is SO cute and you can eat outside overlooking the ocean on picnic benches on sand!  The sunset, food, company was all great!  We ordered sweet potato fries (A+), Blackened swordfish from CA, and a Salted Caramel Cake Parfait.  Delish!  This was definitely food with a view! (My favorite!)   photo 1   photo 2   photo 3     photo 1 In the Summer/Fall behind this cute little area they have a very festive beer garden under twinkling lights at night!  Live music and lots of beer to try. Sounds like a fun time to be had by all!  I just love that almost everywhere on the grounds are fire pits and  comfy couches.  Inside, outside, you’ll be comfortable anywhere! photo 2   View at dinner.  Perfection!   photo 3   Me, Mom, Uncle, Sister, Auntie

If you are in the LA area, it would be an awesome time to come and hang out for a day at the hotel.

Insider tips from Rita: Parking is $20 for the day.  If you want to lay by the pool, book a facial treatment (the least expensive, $74) and then hang out at the best pool with a view overlooking the Pacific Ocean!  Plus, the Spa Pool is 18+, no screaming kids for a relaxing day with the girls!  Order a pineapple strawberry smoothie and live in bliss! For some more amazing resorts Rita represents, head on over to Elite Resorts and Spas! 

Bikini: Victoria’s Secret
Dress: Fruta Latina
Bag: Louis Vuitton


Flash Floods in the Dressing Room!


A huge thunderclap woke me up today at 1pm in Las Vegas.  Crazy monsoon weather all day long and I got a text message from my friends saying that the dressing room at the show was flooded!  It was quite an entertaining day at Jubilee.  As you can see from the photos, water was everywhere.  This was hours after the FREAKING WALL BURST sending water gushing out of the wall down the dressing room soaking everything on the floor. But the costumes were saved, SAVED!!!!


Water filling light fixtures and dripping from the floor above.  I believe there are stairs right above there, but not even stairs to the outdoors; these are stairs UNDER a three story building, on top of us, in the basement.  Weird.  And gross.  Smelly gross.


Not a great photo, but the wall cracked and caved out because of crazy water pressure.  Flash floods in Nevada are no joke!  It rains down hard and fast and our 30 something year old building cannot handle it.  20120912-021800.jpgJust your runathemill leak in the basement ceiling….. -_- BASEMENT ceiling…like…where did it come from to get all the way down here?!


All our crap rescued from the floor drying on our stations.  And my safe and sound Louis Vuitton.  (Not harmed in the flooding of the dressing room.  Whew!)20120912-021849.jpgAnd Nicole demonstrating how loving and caring she is about her fellow cast members and how important it is to de-mold your walls post flooding.  🙂  Thanks, Nicole!

Outfit of the Day


Workin 9-9 today. Woohooo. Got lunch and a mocha latte so I’m ready to take on the world! Been busy busy at work today which is fun. Tonight I’m doing a new spot in the parade which I’m really excited about. I hope I get some pics! Still havnt posted pics of my usual spot. I’ll try!

What I wore:

My Lifetime Lust List

I started thinking of my ultimate expensive investment-worthy pieces of all time.  This is my list.  There are other similar lists like Bag Lady’s 50 Most Iconic Bags Countdown or Wendy’s Lookbook’s 10 Essential Closet Pieces.  Both are informative, but I wanted pieces that will never go out of style and are worthy of lifetime investment.  Let me know if you agree, or if I should add anything.  🙂  I already own a couple things (actually, I now own most of these on my list), but it feels good to have items checked off my “Lust-Worthy Buy” list.

My list kind of has a fall/winter vibe to it.  Guess I’ll have to do one for spring/summer as well.


Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet Flat.  In leather and gold $195.00.

These are a perfect black ballet flat, which I lived in in high school.  (Not Tory Burches, just some Guess flats with rhinestoned toes that I loved, but now are old and smelly.)  The Reva Ballet Flat is a refined and professional woman’s dream.  They’re just edgy enough with the gold pop of detail on the front, but still classy and comfortable.  You can wear them to work with black pencil slacks or on the weekend with casual jeans and a sweater.  Can I say “versatile?”

Christian Louboutin Pigaille 120mm.  Black patent leather heels $625.00. 

I am starting to think these are my next naughty, naughty purchase… As a recently landed a 9-5 career woman job at a non-profit, I’m thinking I need some amazing black patent leather heels.  Monsieur Louboutin is either a god or a nightmare.  His heels are gorgeously made works of art, but walking in them is another story.  Some women steer clear of Louboutins and stick with flats and low pumps as some of his heels clock in at over 4.7 inches high. The red leather sole is recognized all over the world and denotes a true femme fashionablé.  Personally, I adore anything to do with French fashion.  I love the simple seduction of classic colors like white, black, and red.  Louboutins embody this notion and I would die to have a pair in my collection des chaussures.


Tory Burch Aeden Tall Boot.  $495.00.

I have done extensive research on the perfect tall riding boot for fall and my results concluded with the Tory Burch Aeden Tall Boot.  Available at Nordstroms.  I wanted something sophisticated with no leather distress and tasteful flashy hardware.  I didn’t want a typically western riding boot or a cheap looking knockoff city boot.  These are the PERFECT black leather boot.  They can be dressed up with a peacoat and a sweater dress or dressed down with skinny jeans and a loose cardigan.  They ended up under my Christmas tree as a present from my dad!  Isn’t he the best?!


Burberry trench coat.  $1,295.00.

This is absolutely a lifetime lust item.  The Burberry trench coat again is iconic and will never go out of style.  However, at a price point over $1,000.00, I can’t even fathom getting one even in the far off future.  If you’re lucky enough to have that kind of cash laying around, this would be the most splurge worthy brand.  While you’re at it, Burberry scarves, boots, bags, and hats will do just nicely with this trench.


Michael Kors Oversized Runway Gold Watch.  $250.00.   

Michael Kors makes these delicious looking men’s oversized gold watches that you see dangling on every  woman’s wrist this season. I’m hoping that they won’t go out of style because I own one. However, guess you never know with accessories.  It is just such a beautiful statement piece that again is classy and acceptable with a baggy sweater on the weekend, or with a black and white shift dress at a business meeting.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag with Bandouliere.   Around $1,090.00

This is my ultimate favorite designer handbag.  From the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern, to the iconic top handle design, I just LOVE it.  When my dad surprised me with the Speedy 40 with Bandouliere at my college graduation, I almost died.  I never thought I would own such an amazing bag.  On the Louis Vuitton website they are highlighting the fact that the Speedy is a long standing icon and that “Every generation deserves a classic bag.” Adorable.  I would definitely get the Bandouliere Speedy.  Since mine is a 40, it can get VERY heavy and it’s nice to be able to sling it over my shoulder or even wear it across the body.  Versatile again, for the win!  The Speedy’s are priced at a relatively low price point with the Speedy 25 starting at $750.00.  They’re not much more than a pair of Louboutins!

Click above to watch the video.

YSL Arty Ring.  $250.00.

I wasn’t positive about putting this baby on my list.  Even though I would love to have one, I wonder if it is lifetime worthy.  At $250.00 I would rather get a great pair of…well…I just don’t know!  I really love this ring, and the fuchsia is pretty, but again, does it deserve to be on the list?  Thoughts?  YSL is a great design house, and of course, the gold is to die for.  Is there a more iconic piece of jewelry I’m forgetting about?

Pink Satin


Got two new makeup items yesterday from Sephora. Nars blush and lipstick in Schiap. It’s very bright but I’ve been needing a little pick me up makeup wise. This week has been very fun and productive which is good. I’m wearing a new H&M sweater and satiny shirt. Soo cute. One week till I start Disneyland orientations!!! And then it’s my 23rd birthday! Oh my gosh I’m becoming an adult! Well..maybe on paper hahaha.


Army Green and Stripes

My lovie and I went to lunch today at my favorite place in HB: Jan’s Health Bar.  I certainly don’t eat very healthy most of the time, but I could eat this soup and sandwich for every meal of every day!  Maybe a little bit over exaggerating, but ya know… it’s still delicious!

The air definitely feels more crisp out in just a short couple of days so I threw on my thick, green jacket and my new Sam Edelman cheetah loafers.  Which, by the way, are SO comfy!  I am so excited for fall and Halloween and lots of fun holidays coming up! Yay!