New Photos!

The amazing Robert John Kley (website: my new photos for me!  I say amazing because I look like a freaking supermodel!!!  And we all know how I look normally….not like that.  😉 Just kidding.  But seriously, they are great photos!!  He is very talented and professional and I wish I had gotten these done sooner!  But it doesn’t matter because I don’t think they would have turned out as good as these!  Everything just worked!  So happy.  Call him up!  He is in Vegas and LA.  And I love my barbie wig hair.  So suck it!  (no its not a wig) (yes.  i am barbie. duh)

Since I gave my notice in at Jubilee I now have 37 days to find another job!  The pressure is on and I am working really hard. I want to travel, see the world, live in a different country, even a different state, I dont care!  I just wanna DANCE! Emails, auditions, driving, flying.  It’s craziness!  But I really am enjoying the process!  I have been auditioning here in Vegas for almost a year now, which was practice for this very moment.  I’ve gotten a little bit better at getting choreography quickly.  Here is my chance!  God I hope I get it!  

Being in Jubilee has been the best experience of my life, so far!  So grateful to Diane for calling me up and giving me the job of my lifetime.  Will write more on that later.  Now, it’s time for bed!!

Natalie 1w Natalie 5w Natalie 2w Natalie 4w Natalie 3w


Throwin’ On My Louboutins

I mean….I had such an awesome couple of days!
First I was Skipper with our Barbie photoshoot….

Then I went to pole class today at Pole Dance Fitness which was lots of fun! I did a headstand for the first time! SO cool!


Then Elyse and I went straight to Caesar’s Palace for lunch and shopping but before we could even stop for a bathroom break we were in Christian Louboutin and there I was buying my brand spankin new high heels with the beautiful red soles!

They were my Christmas present from my daddy, and half from my New Year’s Eve gig! So thank you daddy!!!! 🙂


After that little pit stop we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and spent more money doing more shopping. Went to Elyse’s and watched DEXTER!!!!!
For dinner we met up with lots of friends at Mint Indian Bistro which was delicious!!!!! Highly recommend this place over that India Palace! They were amazing, nice, food was great, loved it. After dinner we met up with Kelly for drinks at Crown and Anchor, our (until now) favorite pub to go to. They are discontinuing the raspberry cider which I am very depressed about. 😦 Not happy about this! But I got a pear cider and we chatted until 2:30am.

Such a great day off! Back to work tomorrow and then Jubilee! auditions are Monday!! Going to be another awesome week!!! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! What are your plans?