My New Babies

Fashion.  Looking good and feeling fine. As the Queen says.  Speaking of Lady Gaga, I had to share these two purchases I made inspired by her. Oh.  And my Terry Richardson x Lady Gaga book is in the picture too.  Oops!  Obsessed much?  Oh well.

I LOVE my Le Specs sunglasses.  Rocker glam? Yes please!!

And my Brissia Schutz high heels with gold snakes on the heel!!!! They’re so fierce!!! Mine were super on sale but there are just a couple pairs left here.






Lady Gaga Artrave in Las Vegas

I forgot to post about our amazing weekend in Las Vegas!  WHAT! Unacceptable! Kara, Meradith, and I had a fantastic weekend in Vegas and I am SO happy I got to visit Kara on her birthday weekend!  I had to go before I started back at Disneyland, and Gaga was in town, it was just meant to be!!

First of all: GAGAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Seeing her in concert was one of my “bucket list” type of things to do, so I couldn’t wait to go with one of my best friends! 😀

Kara is also my BFF because she gets the best hookupssss as one of the best PR associates in the state!!! :p  We had a beyond amazing 10 course meal at Joel Robouchon’s L’Atelier at the MGM Grand before the concert.  The quail stuffed with fois gras is one of their signature dishes, as you can see on the website, and it was exquisite.  I highly recommend this intriguing dining spot if you are ever in Vegas.  The photo below features some of the other dishes we ate including lobster, oysters, and stuffed peppers with shaved parmesan. Oh and we also got four desserts each. YUM.

For Kara’s second evening of birthday celebrations we headed to the Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas which has something for everyone!  Including guys who buy you drinks all night and move on to the closest flowery skirt wearing hooker he can find when he knows it’s not going to happen!  BUT let’s not discuss that! 🙂  There’s a cute band, a DJ, hopscotch, inside and outside bars, pool tables, pizza, etc!  The Gold Spike is also “home” to Zappos’s “Campus” or whatever Google-type community thing they’re trying to do.  Overall a great night! We got our makeup done at Sephora before going out. I mean, we did ALL of my favorite things!!!!

To close out the weekend I went and saw my gorgeous friends in the new and improved Jubilee! -The Showgirl Reborn!  I must say I had a great time even though some songs were just out of place and some changes were cringe worthy.  I LOVED seeing everyone in the show.  They are so talented and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to call the cast my friends and family forever.  So lucky to have been in the show as well!  Missing those glamorous showgirl days!












So yesterday was crazy busy. I’ll try and be brief. But I took a photo of every major event, and maybe some that don’t matter. Here’s what I wore. Top from H&M, black pencil skirt, and Zara heels. We attended a chapter meeting so we had to look good.


Had lunch at Gulfstream in Corona del Mar with my boss and best selling author Iris Krasnow, who is hysterical, to celebrate our book launch and to talk about our next book.


Since I was in Newport, I couldn’t resist getting a box of $14 Sprinkles cupcakes! Deliciousssss. Thats breakfast lunch and dinner right there. Dur.

Did a little of this.

Drove up to Beverly Hills to see the boyfriend and have dinner with the men on Beverly.


Then spent the rest of the night at Meg’s private bday party at Drai’s classy nightclub at the W Hollywood.

What a nutso crazy day! It was quite fun though besides the driving. And now for more parades today.

Memorial Day

Just getting to writing about Memorial Day now. My dad and I biked to the beach and had a huge Irish breakfast at Kilarney’s. Fiona and I had a beautiful lazy day sitting in the sun listening to Lady Gaga and other awesome tunes.  I’m listening to the Judas remix right now…I actually really like it.   Later, Michael came over and we had steak dinner.  Om nom nom.  Had a great time just hangin out with people I love, and my Louis. :p  So glad to have had the day off.



Keepin’ it easy breezy today in the good ol’ OC.  I had a relatively easy day but full of very social events.  Got a pedicure with my bff, drove up to LA for a BBQ get to gether, and then back down to OC for my bff’s graduation party.  By the end of the day we were exhausted and tired of talking to so many people!  However, it was a very fun day.  I wore this new swing top with flowers from F21.  Still a bit too nippy in OC to start wearing summer gear so I had to throw on my stand by sweater.  Still cute though.  Can’t wait to go pick up Born This Way tomorrow.  Go support Lady Gaga and buy the new album!

NEW Lady Gaga MAC Lipstick

MAC has announced ANOTHER Lady Gaga lipstick color.  Wow, my prayers have been answered! Not for realzies. But damn, I wasn’t expecting this!
MAC describes the color as a “light warm beige” on the website.

I ADORE my current bubble gum pink Lady Gaga lipstick and cant get though the day without wearing it…
Sooooo…in a moment of weakness I just might walk by the MAC counter and pick up a tube.  Yes.  It’s settled.  I will support Mama Monster and MAC Cosmetics and the MAC Aids Fund.

Shop here!

Isnt she amazing?

What do you think of the color? Has anyone used it yet?

Plus: Born This Way: On repeat for 3 days straight in my car/ipod/macbook! Go listen!