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Downtown Street Fair



Sometimes Fiona, my dad, and I grace the Tuesday night Downtown HB Street Fair with our presence.  haha  I actually do like the street fair because I love street food!  I can’t leave the event without a deeply friend churro!  This happened to be an exceptionally warm evening and we had such a good time walking around and listening to the various street performers sing! I wore the cutest little romper ever my friend Lucie gave me from Australia!  Fiona wore my shrunken dress from Urban Outfitters.  hehe  Good ol’ California!

Cool Cats



My family is so obsessed with cats, it is quite funny.  Every day we have at least 1 intruder cat come in through the cat flap, eat Purrky’s food, and lay around like he owns the place.  Or we have a white stray cat that is so beat up it’s frightening.  My mom feeds him and is trying to nurse him back to health.  But what do you do with those crazy beasts!?  My own poor Purrky cat is so allergic to flea bites she doesn’t stop scratching and cleaning.  You’d think she would be in better shape being pampered and adored all day.  She’s just gone rouge.  An independent woman.  Do you get intruder cats eating your pets food?





20140531-153715-56235644.jpg I’m so happy I bought this dress! It’s adorable!  Plus, it has been dining out city this week because my sister left for South Korea today and we have been out to eat for every meal.  Whew!  It was perfect to cover up those extra tacos, chicken pitas, and creme brûlées. heheh  I got size ML because the small is SO short.

Dress:  American Apparel/ Also love this one and this

Fifi Leaves Tomorrow for South Korea!


Going to miss these kids for the next two months!  I finally get home from Vegas/Crusing and Fiona leaves ugh!  Well,  she’s going to have an amazing time modeling in Seoul, South Korea for the second time.  This is her fourth modeling contract abroad which is super awesome.  Way to go Fifi!  Hopefully she will have her blog up and updated about all her travels and you can follow her here.  I got Fifi some crazy cat lady socks today for the looooong plane ride to South Korea. Hehe Meows.  It has been really nice being home, having the whole family in one place.  Now, everyone, off you go!  On to the next thang.  Whatever that may be.  Safe travels, Fiona!  Have fun, be safe, and call me! 🙂



My Favorite Food In Southern California

These are my favoritest and bestest places to go and enjoy some delicious food all in one magical day.  After traveling to some amazing parts of the world, I do have some newly acquired tastes, but when I came home the first thing I did was knock off all of my favorite food places!  Isn’t it strange how we love the comforts of home so much?!  If I had an ideal foodie day in California here is what it would entail:


Breakfast at Ruby ‘s on the Huntington Beach Pier.  Sit on the second floor and overlook the sparkling blue ocean while gorging on Cinnamon Roll French Toast.  Just get there before 11am or you’ll miss breakfast.


Lunch at Jan’s Health Food in Huntington Beach.  Sit outside in the sun and people watch.  Order a Surf Shop Special with half turkey avo sandwich and broccoli cheddar soup with chips.  Outstanding.  And you feel healthy after that sugary breakfast! 😉


Just head down PCH and enjoy a 15 min scenic road trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach.  After some light shopping at South Coast Plaza, look out over the ocean and chow down on a dark chocolate sprinkle cake.  Yum.


Dinner at 25 Degrees downtown HB.  The pesto, roasted tomato, and mozzarella burger is the best burger Ive ever had.

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Finally, after watching the fireworks at Disneyland, get the chocolate souffle bread pudding at Downtown Disney in Anaheim at The Jazz Kitchen.  To die for!

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