Welcome Home, Fiona!

After 2 1/2 months in Hong Kong, and occasionally mainland China, my sissy is finally home!  I’m sure she had a fabulous time, but overall her impression about China is not so good.  I wonder if she’ll ever go back.   I’m looking forward to hearing about it, even though we did video chat like every day.  She had so many amazing photo shoots, I am so proud of her!  Get it girrfrien!!! I, on the other hand, spent the summer refurbishing and redecorating her room because a) it needed it and b) it was fun!  It looks awesome and I hope she likes it because I didn’t send her any pics while she was there! haha

this pic is of Fiona in Harpers Bazaar Hong Kong edition in July.

Be sure to follow her fashion blog, its a good one!!! http://fionapitt.blogspot.com/


More Magazine – Hong Kong

My sister modeling for the front page of Mode Magazine in Hong Kong.  How amazing is this photo?!  She looks fantastic!!!  I’m loving the menswear look, glasses, and cute one sided curls.  Am I critiquing my own sister’s front page fashion look?  Good lord, I can’t believe it!  So happy right now!

Fiona Leaves to Model in Hong Kong!

My sister Fiona left today for Hong Kong for a three month contract with Synergy models.  I am so excited for her and I know she will have an amazing experience.  Last summer she lived in Tokyo, Japan to model and I was lucky enough to go visit for a week.  I will never forget Japan!  I’d love to go back, or better yet, go visit Hong Kong!  You can follow Fiona’s fashion blog at …but that sounds kinda morbid where I’m sure she’ll post updates and pics of her time in Hong Kong, China.

好运, Fiona!