Surprisingly Legit Dad’s Day Gifts from Forever 21!

Ohmagawd DAAAD:  if for some miraculous reason you are finally reading one of my frivolous but painstakingly fraught over blog posts PLEASE STOP READING NOW!!!!  These are Father’s Day gift ideas, and I MAYBE bought you one or everything so GO AWAY!!!! Read about my amazing and beautiful travels to St Croix HERE instead! 😉




Ok, now that he’s distracted by some tropical islands, here are some cute and (shhhh) cheap! Father’s Day gifts!

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.31.55 PM

Forever 21 $7.02 – Adorable small card essentials wallet with a super hip emoticon face that dad will be sure to understand! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.33.37 PM

Forever 21 $20.52 – Botanical collar shirt.  For cool surfer, dining out dads.  (?) Tommy Bahama-esque? That’s how I would describe the genre…

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.35.56 PM


Basquiat and Haring Artist Series with Forever 21 $12.80 – I dunno bout your dad, but my dad is an awesome artist who went to art school and happens to LOVE the artworks of Basquiat and Haring!  These streetwork painters unite art and graffiti in a really beautiful way.  My dad has made numerous paintings hanging in our house influenced by the work of Basquiat, among others.  These shirts would be super cool gifts for those artsy dads out there.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.42.13 PM

Sailboat Handkerchief $3.42 Forever 21 – Just a little accessory to top off the list: a sailboat handkerchief for those boating enthusiast dads of the world.  I see “The Captain” from How I Met Your Mother sporting this guy. 😉


Natalie’s Best Vegas Haunts 2013

Last October in Vegas was seriously one of my favorite months ever!!!  I mean: pumpkin flavored everything, a plethora of candy, and so much stuff to do!!! The BEST Halloween Haunts according to moi are as follows:


1.  Fright Dome! I am going tomorrow night and am SO EXCITED!!  If you’re familiar with Knott’s Scary Farm in So Cal it is very similar, but scarier! -They fill the whole Adventure Dome with fog and monsters!!!  Aghhhh!!!  Definitely the best place to go and worth the money!!


2.  The Asylum.  Last Year it was Downtown Las Vegas, but this year it is at Meadows Mall by the 95.  SO SCARY!!  Hotel Fear is not as scary, I recommend skipping it, but the Asylum really scared us shitless last year!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.17.41 AM

3.  Bonnie Screams at Bonnie Springs.  

I haven’t personally attended this particular haunt yet because SOMEBODY went without me. Not naming any names: Kara.  OOpz.  😉  But I hear it is a fun little ghost town to go to and they have lots of halloween attractions!  Definitely planning on going this weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.26.22 AM

4.  Sin City Scare Fair.  On Sunset Rd just off The Strip.  This Halloween fair is new to Vegas this year and sounds kind of awesome.  They have a go kart race track WITH ZOMBIES!  I cant even….like…  I have to go!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.45.55 AM

5.  The Las Vegas Halloween Parade!  It is Downtown on Halloween night at 7pm followed by a free after party until 3am!  Sounds kind of awesome.  And since i am NOT dancing in Jubilee this season, I can go! How exciting!  Maybe I will see you there!


6.  The End Bar and Grill.  S. Decatur Blvd.  If you’re looking for a place to whet your whistle after screaming and running from crazy clowns with chainsaws all night, head to The End, a zombie apocalypse themed bar and grill!  I’m sure I will definitely be needing a drink, or two, after this crazy list!

Are you going to attempt any frightening Halloween mazes?

If you are of the nutsier persuasion there is the Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror.  Each maze gets scarier, and the third and final maze is “interactive,” which means they manhandle you and stuff!  Omg no thank you!!!

And I have to mention poor Eli Roth’s Goretorium on the Strip just filed for bankruptcy not even making it to another Halloween night. Yikes.  Don’t try and go there!  $10 million spent on that haunted house.  Sayonara!

The Fetish and Fantasy Ball at Hard Rock Hotel sounds like quite the night, but I am not shelling out at least $50 to arrive at 1am, 3 hours after the party started, to hang out with drunken jerks.  Ill take the free downtown parade. 😉

Looks like The Act at The Venetian is having a paranormal Halloween party on October 31st.  Could be pretty fun, if it’s not too crowded!

Ok for reals, these two parties on Halloween sound like my kind of thing:

Body English at Hard Rock
● Rock n’ Horror 80s Halloween Party on October 31 at 10:30 p.m.


Commonwealth in Fremont East
● Monster Mash Prom Oct. 30 to transform bar into spooky vintage horror flick
● Guests are invited to “rock zombie prom attire”

Mmmmmmmmmm I think I will be attending Monster Mash Prom.  SO awesome!!!!  Now I need a prom date. (high school girl giggles)

Have fun and SCREAMMM!!!!!!

My 24th Birthday!

What a crazy week! Wednesday was my birthday at work (technically at 12am) so after our last show we went to Sugar Factory in Paris to get cookie jar shakes and dinner. Shakes were amazing. Food has gone WAY downhill in the last month w the new chef. Great friends though and I got some cute gifts and cards. 🙂

20121124-053140.jpgThursday I hosted my very own afternoon English tea party at my house. I used my gorgeous new tea set and made cucumber sandwiches and blueberry muffins. We also had cookies, crumpets, scones, jam, lemon curd, and of course English breakfast tea. We wore cute outfits, listened to fancy music, and chatted. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! That evening I went to work and, oh yes, it was thanksgiving. In the employee dining room we got turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It was good, but a poor substitute for my dads holiday meals.

20121124-053308.jpg20121124-053356.jpg20121124-053443.jpgToday on our Friday off we did a little Black Friday shopping, as one does, for a few hours. Went back to Elyse’s to eat special Voodoo donuts fresh from Portland! Best donut I’ve ever had!!!! And watched killer karaoke. Wow. Pretty funny I have to say.

20121124-053511.jpgAfter that we headed to McQueen at The Wynn to try on some dresses, ya know, the usual typical average Friday.  😉  Pretty tree in The Wynn.

Met up with some chicas from the show at India Palace because I’d been longing for some Indian. Man, that place was a let down! Bad service, rude waiters, bad expensive food, and we were there for 2 hours!!!! We will not be going back!

Finally at 11pm it was time to head over to Charlie’s gay bar to watch two of our Jubilee! guys in drag! The show was great and I had fun dancing and drinking dirty Shirley’s!!!! 😮

20121124-053523.jpg20121124-053537.jpgWas an awesome weekend and it ain’t even the weekend yet. ;). Sunday I fly home to Orange County for some R&R, bday celebrations, sister’s 21st bday, thanksgiving round 2, downtown Disney, and lots of food. 🙂 can’t wait!


Happy 4th of July!

It’s 6am here in Las Vegas Nevada, the sun is streaming through my window and I still haven’t gone to sleep. I’m on a strange vampire-esqe sleeping arrangement as a newbie showgirl. Wondering how my model sister is doing in London during the first few days of her 3 month contract.

Well, Vegas is not the place to be for the 4th of July. Or, maybe it’s because I had to be at work. But, dancing on the strip can’t be called work. Anyways, I missed very much being in CA at the beach with the smokey BBQ and the bike rides to the beach and watching the parade. Last year was fantastic. This year we stood at the top of the parking structure hoping for fireworks but only getting glimpses of far off shows. We did get sparklers though which saved the day. As well as an AWESOME Tiller kick line number in the show. ‘Mercia!!! 🙂



Memorial Day BBQ – IN VEGAS!

Had a lovely Memorial Day BBQ to celebrate our service people!  Or mostly to celebrate our day off!  So glad to have Kara in Vegas as the trailblazer she is.  Couldn’t have made the move without her!  Had a fabulous day at her place with new friends.  BBQ was delish and of course, the weather was perfect!

Vegas is my ideal weather…HOT HOT HOT!

Quite a spread!

H&M Bikini!  I swear I have bottoms on…. -_-

Me, Kara, and her roomie Meradith

Beautiful ladies!

Awesome new friends!  🙂

PS: Thank you Kara for all these pics!

New Years Eve!

What a crazy New Years Eve!  Thanks to my friends for making it awesome.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that night.  🙂  We attended A Black Tie Affair that turned out to be less black tie, more affair.  😉



Annnnd then the pictures got weirder and weirder.  🙂  Hope everyone had a great New Years Day!

I wore:


Christmas Lights


Yesterday we put up Xmas lights around the house. Well, my dad did haha. We had a great day hanging out and shopping in Santa Monica. We ate english breakfast at The Kings Head which is soooo cute btw. You HAVE to go. It really looks like you’re I’m England. 😉


We shopped at All Saints, Disney Store, H&M, and Nike. The mall at 3rd St Promenade is pretty cool. Definitely worth doing Christmas shopping there if you happen to be in the area. We were all very happy with our purchases. Dad got some Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornaments. Super cute. Now I wanna watch the movie!!