All Saints, Outfit of the Day

Went shopping this week with the fam, because when people on vaycay come to town, I am on vaycay as well. We went to All Saints in the Cosmopolitan and I scored a black flowy top for $30. And went back the next day for these sandals. I couldn’t live without them even though I’m pretty sure they’re 2 sizes too small for my swollen, sweaty, showgirl feet. :/



But I really like them. ๐Ÿ™‚


My outfit today: Stylemint tee, H&M skirt, All Saints Sandals.

I have a work call tomorrow, two Jubilee shows, rehearsals after the show for a put in, and maybe margarita Monday? We’ll see if we make it. -_- I hear Vegas is a betting town- I’ll put all my money on “no”. ๐Ÿ˜‰


107 Degrees

Oh man was today hot!!!ย  Pretty sure this is record breaking.ย  I’ve never seen Southern California get this hot, and along coastal cities especially.ย  I wore very little because it is just sweltering outside.ย  Luckily all my classrooms were air conditioned, which I usually HATE!ย  I would have posted about Two Point Oh! LA’s 3rd Blogger’s Cafe, but everyone who took pictures hasn’t posted yet……ahem….so I really don’t have any pics!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Skirt-f21, Shoes-Old Navy, Belt-FIDM, Bandeau- American Apparel, Shirt-ANGL


Back To School

I am supposed to be reading Classical Comedy: Greek and Roman play Lysistrata but I am listening to The Beatles and updating my blog instead.ย  :/ย  Oh well, this is much more fun.ย  I love the classical Indian music in some of The Beatles songs.ย  My favorite is “Within You, Without You” and it has been my fav for years!ย  What is your favorite Beatles song?

Well, I am back at school for my last year of college.ย  It is a really strange feeling and I don’t like it.ย  I am so PSYCHED to graduate but now I am just worried about my future.ย  I know I should chill and people just keep telling me, “Don’t worry, your time will come, your perfect job will come.”ย  Will it?!ย  I don’t know!

But for now, I am loving doing nothing.


I enjoyed working for three days straight at my dance wear job this week.ย  We had a ton of things to do, pointe shoe fittings, etc.ย  I am in my store’s shoe room in case you were wondering.ย  This is my new necklace from H&M which I got for way cheaper than its real price because it was missing its tag!ย  I was so happy.ย  It is a hefty necklace and they usually cost around $12 but I got it for $4.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I worked long days this week so I cannot wait for my vacation tomorrow!ย  Even though this whole summer (as usual) is just one long vacation (as it should be), I still am looking forward to total relaxation in Las Vegas.ย  Will definitely post pics.

Necklace – H&M, Shirt – ANGL, Belt-Lucky, Skirt-f21.