Long Beach Lobster Fest

Have you ever had to pull the poor little claws off a lobster and clean off the tail and eat all the meat?! Omg I never had but my first experience was on Sunday!  The Long Beach Lobster Fest was in town and I ate a whole lobster!

I don’t think I will ever do it again.  I would much rather get some nicely already cracked and clean lobster meat with some mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. (The Morano Lenaya Faustman?!…ommmgggg!)

This was just too emotional of an experience for my sister and I both I think.  Poor lobbys.  I’ll eat it.  But I sure don’t want to dismember the guy first, thanks.  We had a nice meal though on the crazy hot 100 degree day, and sat on the boat for a bit.





Fifi Leaves Tomorrow for South Korea!


Going to miss these kids for the next two months!  I finally get home from Vegas/Crusing and Fiona leaves ugh!  Well,  she’s going to have an amazing time modeling in Seoul, South Korea for the second time.  This is her fourth modeling contract abroad which is super awesome.  Way to go Fifi!  Hopefully she will have her blog up and updated about all her travels and you can follow her here.  I got Fifi some crazy cat lady socks today for the looooong plane ride to South Korea. Hehe Meows.  It has been really nice being home, having the whole family in one place.  Now, everyone, off you go!  On to the next thang.  Whatever that may be.  Safe travels, Fiona!  Have fun, be safe, and call me! 🙂



Happy 4th of July!

It’s 6am here in Las Vegas Nevada, the sun is streaming through my window and I still haven’t gone to sleep. I’m on a strange vampire-esqe sleeping arrangement as a newbie showgirl. Wondering how my model sister is doing in London during the first few days of her 3 month contract.

Well, Vegas is not the place to be for the 4th of July. Or, maybe it’s because I had to be at work. But, dancing on the strip can’t be called work. Anyways, I missed very much being in CA at the beach with the smokey BBQ and the bike rides to the beach and watching the parade. Last year was fantastic. This year we stood at the top of the parking structure hoping for fireworks but only getting glimpses of far off shows. We did get sparklers though which saved the day. As well as an AWESOME Tiller kick line number in the show. ‘Mercia!!! 🙂



Road Trip to Vegas


Its 12pm?!  I thought I had time to blog post but I guess I don’t!

WOW!  What a whirlwind of a weekend! We set off for Vegas Saturday morning and came straight to check out my prospective room.  The house is gorgeous and my roommate is awesome.  The neighborhood is under construction, so lets hope that doesn’t wake me up at 7am after getting home from work at 2 or 3 or 4am.  GAH!

My amazing moving angels Kara and Fiona helped me move in, shop for essentials at Target, and provide moral support.  I really couldn’t have done it without them here.

3 carts at Target.  I deserve an award, Target.

Kara and I in Vegas outside my new house!

My cute lil bed.

Showgirl eating a burger @ Serendipity 3.  Thaaaaaaaat’s me!

Sad Fiona had to go back to Orange County but I know she’ll be back soon!

Yesterday Fiona and I went to see Jubilee and went backstage to see where I will be “working”!  Can’t really call it work.  I’m going to be dancing in a famous Las Vegas show on the strip!  Dripping in diamonds, feathers, and furs.

I have rehearsal today at 2pm and a shoe fitting at 6pm.


Here we go!

Welcome Home, Fiona!

After 2 1/2 months in Hong Kong, and occasionally mainland China, my sissy is finally home!  I’m sure she had a fabulous time, but overall her impression about China is not so good.  I wonder if she’ll ever go back.   I’m looking forward to hearing about it, even though we did video chat like every day.  She had so many amazing photo shoots, I am so proud of her!  Get it girrfrien!!! I, on the other hand, spent the summer refurbishing and redecorating her room because a) it needed it and b) it was fun!  It looks awesome and I hope she likes it because I didn’t send her any pics while she was there! haha

this pic is of Fiona in Harpers Bazaar Hong Kong edition in July.

Be sure to follow her fashion blog, its a good one!!! http://fionapitt.blogspot.com/