Fashion’s Night Out

I actually didn’t think I would be attending Fashion’s Night Out this year.  However, how can I resist all this fashion and celebration in one night?!  Not to mention the drinking!  Holy cow I’m going to need a driver or a taxi!  Whatever gets me there and back!  I mean, check out the South Coast Plaza itinerary (linked below); it is a never ending maze of  complimentary cocktails in every store!  Good thing I got paid on Friday…now let’s see if it’ll survive till Thursday!! :p  Last year was awesome at the Grove in LA.  I was an exclusive blogger with Two Point Oh! LA and we got an insane amount of goodies!  Hopefully this year will be just as fab!

South Coast Plaza Participating Stores

Fashion’s Night Out Official Website


Fashion Vignettes at South Bay Galleria this Saturday!

I’m getting super pumped for the South Bay Galleria mall styling event this weekend!  Me and some fellow Two Point Oh! LA bloggers will be showing off some hot spring trends with models and a runway!  It should be awesome!

So if you wanna go shopping this weekend, come to Redondo Beach and vote for my outfits! :p  Saturday March 5th!  I’d love to see you there!

South Bay Galleria

Events page

Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugler and Nicola Formichetti

You can also check out the video on the Mugler website here: link.


This video is so eerie and creepy, I can’t stop watching, literally.  What do you think about it?

Nicola Formichetti’s designs are phenomenal and I’m thrilled he is the new creative director for Thierry Mugler.  You can follow Nicola’s  fantastic blog HERE.  And the music?  Hello.  Lady Gaga is GOD.  She is so amazing and I cannot wait for the release of her new song/album Born This Way.  🙂






Natalie on Racked LA!

Thanks Kelsi for submitting me to Racked LA!  Even though I did not know this outfit was going to be showcased to the world, I like it. 🙂

What do you think?  You can view and vote on my outfit HERE!

Plus maybe check out Racked LA if you havn’t already a million times, and all the other awesome websites they have like Racked NY and Eater LA.  And maybe subscribe to their emails.  Is anyone like me and subscribe to every fashion email list out there?!  I get so many, but it makes me feel special. :p




Cute Fashion – Danielle Nicole

Me, Danielle Nicole, Erica Leigh, Kelsi Smith, Alex Marie


FASHION ALERT: Danielle Nicole is amazing!  This 22-year-old beauty has her own handbag line, that is CUTE!!

In my previous and limited experience, going to see anyone’s handbag or clothing line that isn’t Chanel, bored me.  This time I was blown away by the affordable and adorable bags.  The showroom was elegant and Danielle is the epitome of New York style.  I immediately wanted to be her!  The best part is that she is really talented and every bag is unique and designed to perfection.

During our private preview of Danielle’s Spring handbag line I fell in love with some pieces!  Luckily we got to take exclusive pictures of these babies because they aren’t yet in stores or online!

These champagne beige python skin bags are PERFECT for Spring.  I would love to pair the clutch with dresses for evening fashion events and the carryall is essential for all things school, of course!

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but this fringe-y cross body bag is everything I love in fashion: anything but basic black and rock ‘n roll.

Erica from Sweets and Hearts looking very excited about this cream, ruffled cross body bag.  Ugh! Perfection!

Another fringe-y piece that I loved was this studded black bag with charcoal chain straps.

I think my new obsession is this muted earthy pink leather bag with whip-stiching.  It is light as a feather to carry and the structure would class up any outfit.   Amazingg!!!!!

Thanks Danielle!!

More info, shop, twitter:

What is YOUR favorite?? 🙂

Market Week -Shows and Shoes!

Kelsi, Alex, and I spent the day previewing designer bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories for spring.  Heaven?  Yes.  I have arrived.

The day was amazing, yet tiring.  We wore high heels, which wasn’t too smart, but Alex and I are newbies to this fashion world of market week, and we learned something new!

I wanted to buy EVERYTHING I laid eyes on, and I will have a full report later, but here are a few snaps I quickly took on my phone:

Focus and Transit Trade Shows in the Fashion District of Downtown LA at the California Market Center

Rows and rows and rows of shoes.  Heels, boots, flats, sandals, you name it, they got it.  Heaven.

And the highlight of the day: Jeffrey Campbell SS/11 platform crazy-ass shoes.  Rainbows anyone?

Alex Behrens, fellow Two Point Oh! LA member, of the delicate yet in-you-face-fashion blog: Ivory Inklings

(Photo c/o Kelsi Smith)

And my street style photo, c/o Kelsi Smith from Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

As I was parking my car in the morning Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port walked right in front of me.  LC was wearing her signature over sized black sunglasses and black Chanel Jumbo 2.55 purse; that’s how I KNEW it was her.  :p  The dude at the parking lot rushed me out of my car w no makeup and no jewelry on.  Helllo!! Not OK!  I was so embarrassed to be seen by LC and WP w/0 makeup so I stood downstairs of The Mart and quickly slapped on some powder and mascara.  Whew!

Muchos gracias to Kelsi for taking us around the CMC all day and putting up with our complaining; and by our I mean my.  🙂  NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear heels when doing Downtown LA Kelsi-style.  Kelsi wore a long chiffon champagne colored gown with a ratted up pair of Converse tennis.  I loved it!  She has inspired me to buy another pair of Converse (because I threw away my dirty old pair).  I want the super old skool off white w red rubber racing stripe.  I don’t know if that is even such a thing still…

The day was a huge success and there are SO many more photos and cool links to add.  We got to see some amazing lines and the cutest accessories you can imagine.

Till next time!