Fifi Leaves Tomorrow for South Korea!


Going to miss these kids for the next two months!  I finally get home from Vegas/Crusing and Fiona leaves ugh!  Well,  she’s going to have an amazing time modeling in Seoul, South Korea for the second time.  This is her fourth modeling contract abroad which is super awesome.  Way to go Fifi!  Hopefully she will have her blog up and updated about all her travels and you can follow her here.  I got Fifi some crazy cat lady socks today for the looooong plane ride to South Korea. Hehe Meows.  It has been really nice being home, having the whole family in one place.  Now, everyone, off you go!  On to the next thang.  Whatever that may be.  Safe travels, Fiona!  Have fun, be safe, and call me! 🙂




Surprisingly Legit Dad’s Day Gifts from Forever 21!

Ohmagawd DAAAD:  if for some miraculous reason you are finally reading one of my frivolous but painstakingly fraught over blog posts PLEASE STOP READING NOW!!!!  These are Father’s Day gift ideas, and I MAYBE bought you one or everything so GO AWAY!!!! Read about my amazing and beautiful travels to St Croix HERE instead! 😉




Ok, now that he’s distracted by some tropical islands, here are some cute and (shhhh) cheap! Father’s Day gifts!

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.31.55 PM

Forever 21 $7.02 – Adorable small card essentials wallet with a super hip emoticon face that dad will be sure to understand! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.33.37 PM

Forever 21 $20.52 – Botanical collar shirt.  For cool surfer, dining out dads.  (?) Tommy Bahama-esque? That’s how I would describe the genre…

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.35.56 PM


Basquiat and Haring Artist Series with Forever 21 $12.80 – I dunno bout your dad, but my dad is an awesome artist who went to art school and happens to LOVE the artworks of Basquiat and Haring!  These streetwork painters unite art and graffiti in a really beautiful way.  My dad has made numerous paintings hanging in our house influenced by the work of Basquiat, among others.  These shirts would be super cool gifts for those artsy dads out there.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.42.13 PM

Sailboat Handkerchief $3.42 Forever 21 – Just a little accessory to top off the list: a sailboat handkerchief for those boating enthusiast dads of the world.  I see “The Captain” from How I Met Your Mother sporting this guy. 😉

Chi Town



Last week I went to Chicago for the first time and I LOVE this city!!!  We did lots of tourist attractions like walked around Millennium Park, saw the bean, and ate deep dish pizza!  Which I am now obsessed with.  I went to Navy Pier, went on an architecture boat tour of all the cool buildings, and walked around Lincoln Park Zoo.  We had drinks on a rooftop bar overlooking the beach and downtown in our hoity-toity preppy wear, which I very much enjoyed, as it is quite a different scene from Vegas.  So many things I didn’t get to do like see a Second City show, many different museums, and a bike/food tour, which just sounds fanfrikintastic.  Next time, Chicaaaago!


We also saw Book of Mormon which is the “BEST MUSICAL OF THE LAST 25 YEARS” as the photo above claims.  But I would venture to say its the best musical EVER!  I would pay hundreds of dollars again to see it many more times.  GO SEE IT!  If you enjoy laughing hysterically till you cry, witty well written irony, gay songs, gay tap numbers, and making fun of EVERYONE, this musical is for you! So good.  I highly recommend.


Pizza.  Just look at that ooey-gooey goodness.


Important theater.945085_10151468841731805_1592592217_n

The Bean



Important buildings and water.


Me and my cousins Brigid and Matt.  They grew up in Illinois and now live in Chicago!  So good seeing them both!


Bellagio, MJ Live, and Bacon

Well Vegas certainly hasn’t been disappointing this girl. What a week! My dad and our English relatives visited me this week and we stayed at the gorgeous rooms at the Bellagio. What a treat! It was lots of fun. I had the night off on Wednesday and we saw “O” by Cirque du Soleil. I was fighting back tears because they are so amazing. Another wonderful show. I wish I could be a dancer in cirque one day.

My dad and I before the show. Looking cute. But I have to post this photo:

I Mistakenly asked a bored tourist to take our photo. are you kidding me? Has he ever held a camera before in his life? Probably not by the looks of it. Okay moving on.

Cool O costume.


Bob and Chris admiring the Vegas beauty. 😉


Spectacular views from our Bellagio room.

After my fam left, the girls and I went to see MJ Live at the Rio since we all got free tics cuz were just that awesome. I loved it! We had so much fun screaming “Michael, we love you!”. And the singing and dancing was good too!

Today at work we had a bacon themed potluck for Taryns birthday.


What do showgirls eat, you ask? Oh yes, bacon topped, bacon filled, maple syrup cupcakes. Duh. 🙂

Surf and Sand Hotel, Laguna Beach


My aunt Rita, second from left, reps hotels and treated her 3 favorite nieces to a night at the Surf and Sand Hotel on the water in Laguna Beach, CA. The hotel is gorgeous and the views are even better. There’s nothing in front of the hotel but beach and lapping waves. Unfortunately it was raining this weekend, but we sat by the fire and chatted. It was lovely!


We had the penthouse suite, which can go for up to $3,000 a night in the summer. We felt very special.


Yesterday night we went to the bar in the hotel called Splashes which is literally right on the beach. You can’t get a better view of the ocean. We watched the sunset and ordered drinks, truffle cheese fries, calamari, and fish tacos. We had a great time hanging out together with family we hardly ever get to see since everyone is so busy!


Thanks so much to Rita and Elite Resorts and Spas. If you’re in the mood for an amazing weekend at a fabulous resort, call them up!! 🙂 and tell them Natalie sent you!!!!


Christmas Lights


Yesterday we put up Xmas lights around the house. Well, my dad did haha. We had a great day hanging out and shopping in Santa Monica. We ate english breakfast at The Kings Head which is soooo cute btw. You HAVE to go. It really looks like you’re I’m England. 😉


We shopped at All Saints, Disney Store, H&M, and Nike. The mall at 3rd St Promenade is pretty cool. Definitely worth doing Christmas shopping there if you happen to be in the area. We were all very happy with our purchases. Dad got some Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornaments. Super cute. Now I wanna watch the movie!!


End of Summer Family BBQ

Spent the day at my aunt’s house with a lot of family members celebrating my aunt Shirley who lives in Holland.  Also it’s finally fall, so it was nice to see everyone before it gets cold and people get busy!  We grilled burgers, ate so much food, talked a lot, and ate way too much cake.  Or maybe that last one was just me… Anyways, here’s what I wore!