Friday Funnies…On A Saturday!

OMG I failed again with the Friday Funnies…it was a long and busy day for me today…maybe I need to pick a boring day like a Tuesday.  But nothing is funny about tuesdays…

Anyways Happy Saturday!

The Maya Rudolph Show – HI-larious!  Maya is an amazingly talented woman.  I loved her on SNL and her own debut show was great.  Janelle Monet, I’m a big fan.  Fred Armisen, he is one of my favorite comedians.  All around A+++!

a_610x408 lollll I mean…it’s funny…because it’s true.

Pre order your very own Portlandia Cookbook! Cook like a local! Yes!!

Just finished reading “One More Thing” by BJ Novak.  I am a huge “Office” fan and if you don’t know, BJ is one of the actors and writers on the show.  The book was cute.  A little bit incessant at times with the hilarious modern banter of the LA County, but still some funny stories in there.

Finally This tumblr tracks which cool/maybe not so cool New York establishments have now turned into a fucking froyo place.  lol.  It’s funny…cuz its sad. :p Now I want Golden Spoon…


Friday Funnies

Welcome to my new segment of Pursuit of Cute I like to call “Friday Funnies!”  I have found so many LOLWC (laughing out loud while crying) posts today that I just have to share!  It’s my first one so be gentle, and it’s also almost not Friday.  But anyways, here’s some Friday Funnies to bring you into the glorious weekend!

5. Food Companies That Had No Idea How to Name Their Food (Foodbeast) – So appetizing!

4.  Sarcasm in The Workplace  – Hilarious notes to leave for your co-workers!

3.  7 Steps on How to Deal with a Sarcastic Person -In case you need help “dealing” with a sarcastic person, here are some grrreat tips! NOT.  “Play dumb” is one of the incredibly helpful hints provided.  Is there ever an appropriate time to “play dumb” except maybe when you’re being robbed?! I dunno.

2. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets – Love these from Jimmy Kimmel.

1. Low Budget Beasts (Tumblr) – Last but not least, Low Budget Beasts!  Read the captions!  This Tumblr will leave you in tears, for a good reason! A compilation of terrifyingly low-budget Beauty and the Beast costumes.  I mean, cat fur.  Just go look!