Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Second cruise in Cabo








Witches and Hoes Halloween!!


Rehearsals with my new Celebrity Century cast have been crazy!! We have been at it non stop 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, learning 3 production shows!!!! It is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be!!! However, our cast is amazing and we had so much fun hanging out together on Freemont Street in Las Vegas for Halloween!!  We were the three hocus pocus witches, or, just a red head, brunette, and a blonde, so it happened to work out!  We were quite the hit on Freemont St and had random people asking to take pictures with us every minute of the night!!! hahahaha The Century isn’t going to know what hit it!!! :p  (oooooo bad cruise ship joke……… :/ lol)


The Celebrity Century Cast of 2013-14 #ethinicmovements in our epic spliced together Target/dancer costumes.

photo 5

Dancing atop a glowing RV overlooking the rave on East Freemont after the Halloween parade.  No big deal… (jk.  it WAS a big deal and  There was a fire breathing dragon float to my left!)

photo 2

Doin our 80s rock moves and deep lunges.  We were into it.  People were mildly amused.

photo 3

We met a real witch with a real fat rat!!! EHEHEHEHE

photo 4

YES.  WERK!!!  Superman and I did a pas de deux into a fish on Freemont St.  People clapped.  photo 1

Best costumes of the night.  So creepy!!!!!!


Us outside after one of our 8 hour rehearsals this week!!


Tonight we went to see Megan in her last performance in Tony and Tina’s Wedding at Bally’s Las Vegas as The Nun before she leaves with us as a singer in our cast on the ship!  Was a fun time!!

I can’t wait to go on the ship and hang out on the beaches of Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico and spend 5 months with these crazy sons of bitches.  It’s gonna be a blast!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


Sitting here listening to the rain at 4am here at home in Vegas.  Feeling weird.  The countdown begins.  New people are coming into the show and I cannot believe how much I have changed and my feelings for the show have changed.  6 months ago I was a part of the tizzy and learning new bridesmaid choreography and judging all the new girls.  Now I say hi politely to the new kids but don’t really care to know what happens in the show after I leave.  Of course I care about my good friends and how they’re doing, but don’t really care who is moving to a new spot and WHY?!?!  Crazy because I was loving the drama just 6 months ago.  And a year and a half ago, I cried for a week just leaving my dressing room!  I couldn’t even imagine leaving the show and my friends.  It’s nuts that now I really don’t care.  I think if we were more valued and treated better (not that Jubilee is a negative environment), i might have stayed longer, but it’s sometimes about the ass kissing, and not talent or hard work.  And i’m not about that.  If i like someone Ill show it, but I will not do that just to get a certain part.  Plus, im not 6′ tall and skinny as a rail so there’s no way I was getting promoted anyways.  Jubilee is a great environment, we really are treated well.  But I just can’t spend the best years of my life, year after year, in the basement of Bally’s!  One day maybe I’ll come back for a contract.  But there are so many other things I want to do in the dance world. It is time for me to move on.  Really going to miss being a topless showgirl though.  I do enjoy it so!  But I will be really happy once I don’t have to do top hat, pier, powder, tiller…hmmmm everything not topless I hate!!! 😉

Not to be a debbie downer, but Im just marveling at my change in attitude.  Can’t believe that I only have 22 shows left at Jubilee. That is nothing!!  2 weeks is going to go by so fast, its insane.  The people I’ve met really have been the best part of my experience.  We made each other laugh everyday which got us through the monotony, the creepy camera audience members, the backstage drama, and the long hours spent together in the asbestos filled basement.  I will miss everyone so very much and hope all my dear friends will call me.  🙂  I think I will be back in Vegas soon though.  Something tells me that Vegas might just be some sort of sinfully weird and wonderful home.  🙂  I am so so so happy to have been a Las Vegas Showgirl.  It has been the best experience of my life, but I’m excited to say that I am embarking, literally, on my new journey as a dancer on the Celebrity Century Cruise ship for 6 months.  We are traveling to bahamas, panama canal, hawaii, san fran, mexico, catalina island, etc etc.  It is going to be amazing.  Just going to try and enjoy the last couple weeks of Jubilee.  I will still be in Vegas until November 21, so hoping to hang out with everyone while I’m still here!

Looking forward to spending a little of Fall here, I do love Fall!  October was amazing last year because we did so many mazes, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, Goretorium, downtown, costumes parties, and of course Halloween!  So much fun.  Then off on my new adventure!  woo hoo!!! Good things are a comin.  Hold on to your dreams.  They do come true. 🙂