Father’s Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Yesterday my dad and I biked to the beach for a delicious Irish breakfast at Kilarney’s.  This has become our Sunday morning tradition.  After some Starbucks and a little afternoon break, my dad fired up his new BBQ smoker grill.  He smoked some tri tip for 4 hours.  It tasted AMAZING!!!  I don’t know anyone who owns a smoker grill, but now that WE do, oh man, it’s gonna be a good summer!  I hope my dad had a good Father’s Day, I know I did.  heheh.



Downtown Breakfast and Ice Cream

Who has a massive breakfast followed by Coldstone ice cream?  We do!  We are very strange, but that’s why we go well together! :p  My Michael and I, that is. We walked around downtown HB a little but it was still kinda chilly.  Here is my outfit and I hope you like it!

On a separate note, yesterday I was summoned to jury duty.  I thought there was no way I would be picked for a case, but indeed, I am in on a jury for 3 1/2 days.  I don’t even know if I’m allowed to write that on the interweb, but oh well!  That’s where I will be for the next few days to my absolute delight… Not.  I am so mad.  I had my week planned out with awesome daytime dance and circus classes, but now I’m stuck in court, eating prison food, and sitting on my butt all day long.  GRRRR.

Anyways gotta get a good sleep for trial tomorrow!  I feel like I’m in trouble… haha.  Good thing I’m on the other side of the bench!


Cute Shoot – Sprinkles and Frosting

Southern California suffered from a heat wave this weekend.  And by suffered I mean it was awesome!!! No pea coats for this girl!  It is the middle of January here in LA and the weather was a gorgeous 75+ degrees.  🙂

I donned a striped Truly Madly Deeply tee that I bought recently from Urban Outfitters.  I am dying for a pair of vintage Levis high rise denim shorts that I thought UO would have, but no such luck.  If anyone knows where to get a good pair for summer, lemme know!

Anyways, Michael and I were at our favorite donut store in LA stuffing our faces before we went back home to lounge for a nice day off.




Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning!  Fiona looking terribly excited.

Fiona yawning haha.  So typical of many Christmas mornings.  Fiona got black suede Birkenstock sandals.  They’re in again?  Who knew?! :p  She says they’re featured in Lucky Brand.  I have yet to find them Fifi…

Presents!!  My dad gave me The Office Monopoly which I cannot wait to play and a white rosette American Apparel sweater that I’ve been dying for!  He’s the best!

My new Betsey Johnson pajamas from Laurie!

Chocolate sent from England!  Cadbury and Thornton’s are the BEST in the world.  🙂  Topshop nail polish for Fiona and Henry Holland suspender tights for moi!

Buckingham palace guard.  We’re such a British fam lol!

Christmas breakfast of homemade marmalade french toast casserole.

Happy Christmas!