Lady Gaga Artrave in Las Vegas

I forgot to post about our amazing weekend in Las Vegas!  WHAT! Unacceptable! Kara, Meradith, and I had a fantastic weekend in Vegas and I am SO happy I got to visit Kara on her birthday weekend!  I had to go before I started back at Disneyland, and Gaga was in town, it was just meant to be!!

First of all: GAGAAAAAAAAA!!!!  Seeing her in concert was one of my “bucket list” type of things to do, so I couldn’t wait to go with one of my best friends! 😀

Kara is also my BFF because she gets the best hookupssss as one of the best PR associates in the state!!! :p  We had a beyond amazing 10 course meal at Joel Robouchon’s L’Atelier at the MGM Grand before the concert.  The quail stuffed with fois gras is one of their signature dishes, as you can see on the website, and it was exquisite.  I highly recommend this intriguing dining spot if you are ever in Vegas.  The photo below features some of the other dishes we ate including lobster, oysters, and stuffed peppers with shaved parmesan. Oh and we also got four desserts each. YUM.

For Kara’s second evening of birthday celebrations we headed to the Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas which has something for everyone!  Including guys who buy you drinks all night and move on to the closest flowery skirt wearing hooker he can find when he knows it’s not going to happen!  BUT let’s not discuss that! 🙂  There’s a cute band, a DJ, hopscotch, inside and outside bars, pool tables, pizza, etc!  The Gold Spike is also “home” to Zappos’s “Campus” or whatever Google-type community thing they’re trying to do.  Overall a great night! We got our makeup done at Sephora before going out. I mean, we did ALL of my favorite things!!!!

To close out the weekend I went and saw my gorgeous friends in the new and improved Jubilee! -The Showgirl Reborn!  I must say I had a great time even though some songs were just out of place and some changes were cringe worthy.  I LOVED seeing everyone in the show.  They are so talented and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to call the cast my friends and family forever.  So lucky to have been in the show as well!  Missing those glamorous showgirl days!













Today the Jubilee! audition crew (as we call it now) went to two auditions.  We also had one Monday.  It’s been a busy week!  Both good auditions, but we were starving after!!!  Had a delicious lunch and cupcake collision dessert at The Palazzo as you can see pictured above.  Yummmmmy! Had one show tonight at work and the audience was awesome!  Coco from Peepshow was watching, and some very enthusiastic girls (we think they might be Rockettes?), but their cheers really reminded me why I do what I do!  Always nice.  After work, half the cast of Jubilee went to Sierra Gold for our friends b-day.  Elyse’s husband Mark was there and he is sooooooooo cool.  What a guy!!!!!!!!!  Especially after he pranked called me yesterday at 1am!  Such a jokester!

Anyways.  Sleep tonight.  Two shows tomorrow, then Friday I am off to California for a little vay cay! Looking forward to seeing my family, my auntie Shirley from Holland, chatting with my mom, and hanging out at the beach with my dad.  Wish my sissy Fiona was going to be there, but she is living the model life in Korea.  So….that’s alright.

Till next time!


My 24th Birthday!

What a crazy week! Wednesday was my birthday at work (technically at 12am) so after our last show we went to Sugar Factory in Paris to get cookie jar shakes and dinner. Shakes were amazing. Food has gone WAY downhill in the last month w the new chef. Great friends though and I got some cute gifts and cards. 🙂

20121124-053140.jpgThursday I hosted my very own afternoon English tea party at my house. I used my gorgeous new tea set and made cucumber sandwiches and blueberry muffins. We also had cookies, crumpets, scones, jam, lemon curd, and of course English breakfast tea. We wore cute outfits, listened to fancy music, and chatted. It couldn’t have been more perfect!! That evening I went to work and, oh yes, it was thanksgiving. In the employee dining room we got turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It was good, but a poor substitute for my dads holiday meals.

20121124-053308.jpg20121124-053356.jpg20121124-053443.jpgToday on our Friday off we did a little Black Friday shopping, as one does, for a few hours. Went back to Elyse’s to eat special Voodoo donuts fresh from Portland! Best donut I’ve ever had!!!! And watched killer karaoke. Wow. Pretty funny I have to say.

20121124-053511.jpgAfter that we headed to McQueen at The Wynn to try on some dresses, ya know, the usual typical average Friday.  😉  Pretty tree in The Wynn.

Met up with some chicas from the show at India Palace because I’d been longing for some Indian. Man, that place was a let down! Bad service, rude waiters, bad expensive food, and we were there for 2 hours!!!! We will not be going back!

Finally at 11pm it was time to head over to Charlie’s gay bar to watch two of our Jubilee! guys in drag! The show was great and I had fun dancing and drinking dirty Shirley’s!!!! 😮

20121124-053523.jpg20121124-053537.jpgWas an awesome weekend and it ain’t even the weekend yet. ;). Sunday I fly home to Orange County for some R&R, bday celebrations, sister’s 21st bday, thanksgiving round 2, downtown Disney, and lots of food. 🙂 can’t wait!


The Sky Room

On Saturday we gathered together to celebrate Shannah’s 22nd birthday!  We had a blast and I’m so glad to be her friend.  Love you Shannah!

The Sky Room is located in Long Beach on Ocean Ave with panoramic views of the city.  Drinks were pretty expensive, but the food was exquisite!  I got The Sweet Troublemaker cocktail with all this watermelon, sugar, cayenne sugar, and some alcohol.  Not even sure what kind!  After dinner we partied at the Up Lounge above the restaurant.  It was packed and the bartenders poured free shots into your mouth…if you’re into that kind of thing..!

Laurie’s Birthday Celebrations

So many birthdays in January!  To celebrate my boyfriend’s super fun and young momma, we went to Tsunami’s in Sunset Beach.

Jordan, Michael, et moi


Birthday girl!

Me and my other date for the evening, Papa Cristo!

A delicious and cute vespa cake!

Yaaay! Happy Birthday, Laurie!! ❤

Britt’s Birthday Bash

Britt’s birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I don’t know if she would approve of me putting her age up here…so I’ll be kind…this time.

We all gathered at Roman Cucina in Newport Beach for dinner, drinks, and celebratory spumoni ice cream.  Which, might I say, is AMAZING!

Then we hit da club!!!

Pre-party chocolate.  Dur.