Trapeze-ing It Up

For lack of an outfit post, here is the video of my 2nd Trapeze class.  My boyfriend shot and edited the video on his super fancy expensive Director of Photography camera.  Thanks, honey!  Learned some cool tricks and catches.  But the best part are the crazy people dancing on the pier.  Can’t beat it.  🙂  I love LA.


Negative Pull Ups

Ah ha!  So that’s how you do it….

See….I can’t even hold myself on the bar there so…it’s impossible to do a pull up.  Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

Found this vid on another great aerial blog here.

Lots of Classes Yesterday

Yesterday I took aerial cerceau at Hollywood Aerial Arts.  All the people who take there are performing this week at the LA County fair actually, if anyone is interested.  I wanna go watch but I gotta for the rest o’ the week. But go check it out if you can!  I think they’re doing trapeze, some aerial hoop and silks.  Looks very cool in pics I saw!

Class was awesome.  We worked on a routine, straddlebacks, birds nest, angel, ankle hangs, and heel hangs.  Ugh!  They are so hard!  I had never tried a heel hang before.  If you don’t know, it looks like this at 2:24:

I couldn’t find a good picture!  The girl isn’t great but she does a heel hang!  I sure can’t do it yet!

We did some conditioning after class but I am still so weak it’s hard to do anything.  That’s why I like long routines because you think you are just dancing, but it is so good for the muscles.  I’ve been trying to do situps and push ups everyday, but I’m not where I want to be!  I know it takes lots of time to build muscle but I wanna be good NOW!! :p

Finally, at night I took a tissu class at Hidden Talents.  Heres a vid of me!

Cirque du Soleil – Iris

Sunday I went to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Iris” with my aunt and uncle at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.  This new show has a permanent home at the Kodak until December.  OMG…the show was AMAZING!!!!!  Cirque is always phenomenal…but I LOVED it!!  They mix vintage circus looks like leather corsets and garter belts with cinema and Hollywood.  All my favorite things!  The set is gorgeous and everything moves because of the video screens.  I can’t say enough good things about it, just go see it!  The aerialists are amazing and the comedy bits are very funny.  I am planning on going at least 5 more times…ahahahha. I auditioned for this show and made one cut for dance! hehe.  I’m very proud of that.  Go see it!

Aerial Hoop

I know I havn’t been posting any outfits lately!! But I’ve been really busy taking lots of classes.  Mondays: I’m taking ballet, Tuesdays: 2 hours of Hoop and 1 hour of Tissu.  Today in hoop we worked on spinning, meat hooks, back hangs, one leg knee hangs, and feet hangs.  I did things OK, but I still need lots of strength.  The meat hook is the hardest move in my opinion, but foot hangs are the scariest!  I’ve watched lots of videos with foot hangs but damn once its your turn to go, it’s scary!!! All your weight is being held on a moving hoop with the tops of your ankles….OW!  Hopefully I’ll get that one next week….  All in all, great day, but still frustrating I’m so weak.  Luckily Michael has typed up a workout for me that I need to do every day consisting of push ups and sit ups.  Oiga boiga it is hard!! But I am determined to master this aerial hoop!!!

This is an awesome Cirque video from Varekai that I saw live years and years ago. She does 2 meat hooks within the first minute and a foot hang shortly after that!

I Wanna Be A Showgirl

Pursuit of Cute has always been a blog about my mundane life experiences, fashion choices, and other fun events thrown in.  However, as I grow and change, so must my blog.  I will be introducing a new installment called “I Wanna Be A Showgirl.”  Why?  Well, because I do. I’ll write mostly about my quest for glamor and the journey to Las Vegas, NV.  Auditions are in July and I am working my ass off trying to make it!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog!  :p

Yesterday, as I’m building strength, getting healthy, and conquering the hoop, I totally sprained my left wrist.  I had worked up to doing 1-2 hours of exercise 5 days a week.  I was feeling awesome and pretty strong, considering I’ve never had arm muscle in my life.  But stupid me, feeling over confident I went to flip off the hoop and my wrist gave out and my body weight crumpled on top of my wrist.  OW!  It isn’t fractured luckily, but just sprained.  Still,  all I could think of when I fell to the floor was UGH I’ll be out of commission for a week or so missing all my classes.  😦 Bumming out right now.

Oh well.  I suppose I can stretch on my own and do sit ups, etc.  I know myself though, and I SO do not have enough willpower.  I’d rather pay money for someone else to tell me what to do.  🙂 Is anyone else like that?

Midterms tomorrow.

‘Till next time!  😉

Chasing the Dream – Interview

One of my fellow Journalism 110 classmates, Brittany Graham, published this fab interview of…ME! :p

Her blog Chasing the Dream focuses on students attending college for a degree, but yearning to be in the spotlight for a different reason.  She interviewed me about my dreams of becoming a Vegas showgirl, or an aerial circus performer, or whatever I end up wanting to do.

She puts it much more eloquently than I can, so head over to to read my interview!

While you’re there, check out Brittany’s fashion blog and also her debut music video!!

Read my interview here→