Lincoln Center

Day 2: Lincoln Center

On day two in NYC I had an interview with Bloch at their store in Lincoln Center. It’s a fantastic location literally across from the infamous theater. I would love to go see a ballet there soon!

It rained a little bit in the afternoon and I met up with my former showgirl friends Val and Lucie for lunch at Irving Farm on the West Side. We sat on the stairs of The Met like the Gossip Girls and people watched while we rested our feet. Walked through Central Park, saw Turtle Pond, and made the trek back home.


One thought on “Lincoln Center

  1. Mark Young

    I’m really glad you had a nice time in NYC. It’s amazing how graffiti has become a cultural and artistic part of NYC. I remember when I was younger how I’d see painted murals under freeway overpasses in and around Hollywood and downtown L.A. in the 1970s and 1980s. Seems like both graffiti and murals can be used instrumentally to convey implicit messages from people too. The coffee shop sounded great too. I’m not a coffee drinker, but, I do love the aroma of it; especially when the coffee beans are fresh and roasted.

    Thanks for sharing,



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