Fall Fashion List

Also love these other items from ASOS. I’m just an ASOS fan!!






Long Beach Lobster Fest

Have you ever had to pull the poor little claws off a lobster and clean off the tail and eat all the meat?! Omg I never had but my first experience was on Sunday!  The Long Beach Lobster Fest was in town and I ate a whole lobster!

I don’t think I will ever do it again.  I would much rather get some nicely already cracked and clean lobster meat with some mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. (The Morano Lenaya Faustman?!…ommmgggg!)

This was just too emotional of an experience for my sister and I both I think.  Poor lobbys.  I’ll eat it.  But I sure don’t want to dismember the guy first, thanks.  We had a nice meal though on the crazy hot 100 degree day, and sat on the boat for a bit.




Lavender Blonde

I dyed my hair.  It’s in transition, but I am loving it so far! Nathaniel at Salon M in Huntington Beach did the dye job and I can’t wait to keep working on it! 😀

The lavender has calmed down and it’s more silvery white, which is what I want.  I still love the purple hue though!  I wish it could stay like that but work will NOT allow it. 🙂 That’s ok.

Do you have some “crazy”colored hair? I’d love to hear what you decided to do that was a little out of the box! :p



My New Babies

Fashion.  Looking good and feeling fine. As the Queen says.  Speaking of Lady Gaga, I had to share these two purchases I made inspired by her. Oh.  And my Terry Richardson x Lady Gaga book is in the picture too.  Oops!  Obsessed much?  Oh well.

I LOVE my Le Specs sunglasses.  Rocker glam? Yes please!!

And my Brissia Schutz high heels with gold snakes on the heel!!!! They’re so fierce!!! Mine were super on sale but there are just a couple pairs left here.