Then and Now Rindge Ave

Before and Afters.  Memories.  Whispers of the past.  Then and Now.  Rindge Ave.


The Big Pink House





I had a pic for the front of my sis…can’t find it.  But here are my adorable grandparents outside the house.


Christmas Day '04 075


glasses front door



2004: these light fixtures are now in the tower room. and I have 2 of those leather chairs. 🙂


Christmas Day '04 051

2014  My favorite 1920s fire place.

photo 1



Christmas Day '04 054


photo 2


2004: look at the terrible wallpaper, paper on the windows, shag carpet.  thats fiona.
Christmas Day '04 034


2014: didnt get great pics because it was so dark.  but they painted, replaced windows, and went back to the original nice wood floorwindow michaels room




Christmas Day '04 045

2014: painted the walls yellow, but everything is still in tact!

photo 5




Christmas Day '04 039








2004 crazy pink bathroom with windows that do not even close all the way…

Christmas Day '04 035

with matching pink toilet

Christmas Day '04 036


2014: nice bathroom

inbetween bathroom


didnt get a photo of the new hallway…but its nice wood floor and painted walls now.  buh bye 70s wallpaper.

Christmas Day '04 037


2014 new tower room.  they took out the red carpet.  thankfully.


old lights tower room tower closet



2004 grandpas office, stained glass windows, grand living room, we have the glass table pictured and the rug underneath now in our house


Christmas Day '04 049



living room




The Garden

2014 no grass lots of dirt




fish pond


1990? thats me





2014 always in flowered dresses hahaha

flower 7549


I always thought it was the house that gave me so many magical memories, but it was my family.  I miss my grandparents very much and it was nice have a big central place to meet up with everyone.  My grandpa had the most generous, kindly spirit that attracted everyone to him.  His happiness was infectious.  He was a doctor loved by the entire city, but always had time for every single member of his huge family, or even friends of friends of friends.  My mom has 7 brothers and sisters.  So it was always exciting seeing the house FULL of people, which it always was.  They came to my Nutcracker performances, dance recitals.  My g parents were the best.  His corner of the dining table was filled with letters from family and friends, books, photo albums, trains, and always See’s Chocolates.  Check out that wooden framed cat plate.  Yes!



Nat's Cartwheel

Me cartwheeling in the backyard 2003

Grandpa in His Corner

Tea set, cat plate, this is why I am the person I am.  hahaha


My uncle michael in the comfy chair.

This Christmas picture describes the happy chaos that happened at the Connor house:  grandpa on the phone being called by one of his many admirers, tons of presents, Granny and her fabulous portrait hanging about the couch, my mom and fiona, all squished on the couch, photos, photos EVERYWHERE.  And of course, always cats. 🙂

Christmas Day '04 017


grandpas cane and his cat.  heheheh

Christmas Day '04 076




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