La Boulange is Opening in LA!

Guys I am really excited about this upcoming opening because I had SUCH a good experience at La Boulange in San Fran during my many months of travel.  I can’t believe it is coming to my hometown!



This if one of the original La Boulange…es… in San Fran.  We enjoyed a chilly rainy morning with…


BOWLS OF COFFEE!!! I love bowls of coffee!  And mine wasn’t even the large!  Also enjoyable was the amazing croque madame with a fried egg on top of course.  I bought some Hazelnut Jam as seen here, but haven’t used it much… :/



I adore San Fran and will be heading up to check out La Boulange in LA when the long lines die down….so next year?  :p

I hear there is a full restaurant and bar as well as the expected coffee and bakery.  OH and DONT YOU DARE leave the establishment until you’ve got an almond croissant in your hand/mouth.  They’re scrumptious!!

I hope that since this is now a “partner” of Starbucks or something they don’t…mass corporation the shit out of it.  :/  When Starbucks sells their La Boulange items they’re tres terrible.  Well here’s hopin!  Check out their website here.  Oh and you can use your Starbs Gold Card there!  Tres cool!


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