Friday Funnies…On A Saturday!

OMG I failed again with the Friday Funnies…it was a long and busy day for me today…maybe I need to pick a boring day like a Tuesday.  But nothing is funny about tuesdays…

Anyways Happy Saturday!

The Maya Rudolph Show – HI-larious!  Maya is an amazingly talented woman.  I loved her on SNL and her own debut show was great.  Janelle Monet, I’m a big fan.  Fred Armisen, he is one of my favorite comedians.  All around A+++!

a_610x408 lollll I mean…it’s funny…because it’s true.

Pre order your very own Portlandia Cookbook! Cook like a local! Yes!!

Just finished reading “One More Thing” by BJ Novak.  I am a huge “Office” fan and if you don’t know, BJ is one of the actors and writers on the show.  The book was cute.  A little bit incessant at times with the hilarious modern banter of the LA County, but still some funny stories in there.

Finally This tumblr tracks which cool/maybe not so cool New York establishments have now turned into a fucking froyo place.  lol.  It’s funny…cuz its sad. :p Now I want Golden Spoon…


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