Beautiful Beaches, Part 1

After looking at some amazing articles on beautiful beaches,(Like these from Thrillist) I decided to post some of my own photos from where I’ve been recently.  Just to remember the warm 85 degree temps, and how tan I was!  Raised in a beach town, I still consider myself more of a pool and resort kinda gal, but after cruising for 5 months, I think I’m even more of a beach snob.  Uh oh! Oh, and this post is kind of long, so I’ll have to post a part 2!


Freeport, Bahamas

Pretty hotel on the beach, warm temps, warm water, but we got caught in rainstorms a couple times.  Meh.






Cococay, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island

‘Nuff said there.  Private island?  Sign me up!  The water is SO warm because it’s only a few feet deep!  Clear water, white sand, and barely anyone there!  Yes.







Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

The weather was not so much oven hot, but more summer breezy.  At the end of our at 5pm we were a bit chilly!  I prefer my beaches to be HOT, HOT, HOT! Next.






Black Rock Beach, Maui, Hawaii

This place was Le Gorg!  Those clouds made for an amazing sunset and the big rocks made for good snorkeling!  At sunset a Hawaiian warrior runs onto Ka’anapali Beach and lights the torches along the black rock.  He offers high lei to the ancient Hawaiian gods, and takes a head first leap off the cliff into the water.  SO cool!





St. Croix

My FAVORITE beach we went to! We got food and drinks from the beach hut pictured below, and then laid on the beach for hours!  I brought my inner tube and floated around and snorkeled!  A surprising amount of ocean flora and fauna here!






St Maarten

We didn’t get to go to the famous Airport Beach, but that just means I’ll have to go back!  It’s just beautiful!






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