Our Final Days on the Century

Some random snaps from our last few days on board. Jairus showing off his civil war/Mexican leather hat and lion mask. Me and Lenaya dreading separation. Emily sitting next to buckets catching leaking water from deck 8…? On disembarkation day. And the last cast photo on the Century after our final Dance Around The World.

I met a lot of interesting characters this contract, mostly the SEXY6: Borman: my roomie in Vegas and on the ship. The darnedest, cutest peli rosa from Indiana I ever did see! Please go be the riddle mermaid. Prease. (That’s my Asian accent). Bretty: it’s haaaard being the bees knees 24/7, but you’re nailin it! You are so wonderful and I can’t wait to see you become a star at the Moulin Rouge!!!! Lenage: how many times did you leave me in stitches laughing at your Hongcouver accent? The answer is a bajillion times. I’m going to miss you most of all!!! Jai ho: thanks for being my sarcastic, pessimistic, non-leader needs improvement partner in crime. You certainly left me happy and satisfied after you amazing cross dressing rehearsal performances. Ems: does boobs doe. You are quite a gal. Have fun in that sheepy farm in Israel! I loved shitting it up with you!!! Thanks for a fab contract guys!!!! Xoxo gossip girl

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