Last Day at Jubilee!


Can’t believe this day is here already!  Looking a little too happy in the pic above that I only have one more Top Hat to do!  We have one last show tomorrow then a party at Sugar Factory and its allllllll over, for now!  Feeling a little bit weepy that I won’t be a showgirl anymore with the best cast on the planet, but I’m not going to miss climbing 1700 stairs a night!  Gonna miss my nudies, tall and short, so much.   The cast, the crew, wardrobe, crazy people, nice people, dramatic people, the best people, my favorite people, the funniest people.  All of them work here at the Jubes and I am so thankful to have spent hours and hours laughing and dancing with all of you.   I know I’ve already written all this…but I know I’m going to be a sobbing mess tomorrow.  Im not good at goodbyes!  I love the show a lot and being in it, but it is very, very tiring.  And I honestly can’t do another 6 months of that choreo! 😉  Maybe break it up with a couple cruise contracts, and come back for a little while.  We’ll see.  🙂  Gonna get a little sleep and then bust out one last fantastic show at the longest running show on the Las Vegas Strip as a topless showgirl in Jubilee!  Nighty night.




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