Monday Nights at Marquee!

Started a new gig this week dancing with some of my favorite Jubilee girls at Marquee Nightclub in The Cosmopolitan!! It was so much fun!!!!! Today actually turned out to be pretty f*%king awesome if I do say so myself, but I am exhausted.

Woke up from not too much sleep, maybe 4 hours, at 11am to start our third day of rehearsals for Marquee in the club today.

This is us being very brain dead and tired.  12pm is too early for us poor showgirls. And learning choreo for at least 6 different numbers ready to perform in 3 days is a lot.


Then we had a little break and I did some MAC and Victoria’s Secret shopping.  Went home to get my stuff together, watch the choreo videos for tonight, and laid my head down for one minute (literally), then had to get ready for Jubilee!

Jubilee was fun tonight too.  The cast had a potluck for our boss Diane Palm’s bday. Mmmm delicious food and desserts.  Walked along the strip a little, and did a second Jubilee show.  Met up with Becs and Schwing for a drink after work and then headed to our next job at Marquee!

We did 5 different dance numbers in 5 different costumes.  The sets went by so fast and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!


Parasol number with pink wigs and cute corsets.Image

Barbarella space boobs and guns.Image

Astronaut robots with thigh high boots and light up gloves.Image

Burlesque super women.Image

Saving the world one pearly shimmy at a time!

Up on the stage above the DJ booth!  Im on the right side in the back.


We were done at 3:30am which means I worked a total of 12 hours today.  But not just worked, I danced.  For the entire 12 hours.  I am so happy, thankful, and #soblessed to be fortunate enough and able to dance 12 hours a day with my friends, in one of the coolest places in the world.  I am living my dream and I’m pretty happy bout it, if you can’t tell… 😉  Was out and about for 16 hours today.  Nutso.  Drove home at 4am in the rain with the windows down and enjoying the warm weather, watching the lightning.  Also ate the most amazing chocolate chip cookies from the potluck as I drove home….toats delish.  And listened to some tunes.  It’s the little things.  Vegas, you been good to me.  Now for some much, much needed sleep.  🙂


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