Salt Lake City


A couple weeks ago I drove to Salt Lake City and back to Vegas. In one day. What did you do?! Taking charge of my destiny! Can you physically do that? Control destiny? Anyways. It was a long drive, 7 hours. I attended an audition there and had a great time. Drove downtown and checked out the pretty Mormon Temple. I’m not sure if this is the most famous one or not. :/ but it sure is pretty! Is there light shining from those towers?  There was  a beautiful sunset and it had a very peaceful happy vibe.  SLC seems pretty cool. Drove back and got home at 2:30am and crashed into bed. Never driving there again. Way too far especially all in one day and after dancing and sweating like crazy for 2 hours. Oy vei!  Was nice to be alone and reflect and drink some coffee and listen to some stand up.


Looking forward to the upcoming month. I have 35 days left in Jubilee! Come see me!


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