Salt Lake City


A couple weeks ago I drove to Salt Lake City and back to Vegas. In one day. What did you do?! Taking charge of my destiny! Can you physically do that? Control destiny? Anyways. It was a long drive, 7 hours. I attended an audition there and had a great time. Drove downtown and checked out the pretty Mormon Temple. I’m not sure if this is the most famous one or not. :/ but it sure is pretty! Is there light shining from those towers?  There was  a beautiful sunset and it had a very peaceful happy vibe.  SLC seems pretty cool. Drove back and got home at 2:30am and crashed into bed. Never driving there again. Way too far especially all in one day and after dancing and sweating like crazy for 2 hours. Oy vei!  Was nice to be alone and reflect and drink some coffee and listen to some stand up.


Looking forward to the upcoming month. I have 35 days left in Jubilee! Come see me!


Jubilee! Only 26 Days Left!

I don’t know if I officially announced it yet….but I will dance my last show as a short nude Showgirl in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!  in Las Vegas on September 26th at 7pm.  I gave my notice a couple of weeks ago and am very excited about my next adventure.  I don’t know what it is yet, but I am enjoying the journey to find out what it will be.

I can’t believe I am leaving this wonderful amazing family and show.  One year ago I couldn’t even bear to leave the girls I sat next to to sit one room away!  Everyone at Jubilee has an amazing, bright soul, and is entertaining in their own unique ways.  Being in such a huge cast is such a thrill, but the fact that we work so closely with one another and see each 6 days a week really brings people together quickly.  I love my short nudie line and everyone else in the show so much.  Even with all the love and support, it is time for me to go.  I want to embark on another amazing adventure and add some awesome shows to my resume.

I do love living in Vegas very much and if I do get another job here I will be super happy.

Jubilee is an unbelievable stepping stone that I had the opportunity to perform in.  Being a part of this 32 year legacy of a gem of a show is truly astonishing and I am grateful for every second.  The ability to dance and perform for an audience of almost 1000 people nightly is such a pleasure.  Even though work is work, and sure, I don’t feel like putting on my rhinestone g-string after eating a bacon cheeseburger, but I still cherish it.  Showgirls are few and far between these days, even in its hay days, and I got to add Showgirl to my repertoire.  Such an honor!

In high school and college I dreamed of being a circus performer with Cirque du Soleil, a ballerina in the San Francisco ballet, and a Showgirl in Las Vegas.  I did it!  I still can’t believe it sometimes.

But now I have other things in this dream list that I must go and tackle.  Onward and upward.

Thank you Jubilee for the best year and a half of crystals, rhinestones, feathers, and high heels.

Thanks for the glitz and the glama’, the tits and the drama.  (you have to say that last line with a New York 1920s gangster accent)

I would like to personally invite each and every one of you to come see me in Jubilee!  It is a topless show so if you’re cool with that, please come!  It is not weird for me!  I have had so many guests, family and friends, who have LOVED the show and enjoyed it very much.  It is classy, sophisticated, cheesy, elegant, gorgeous, entertaining, and you should come!  I only have a few more shows so message me and let me know if you want to come!  I would love if someone was there at my final show! I think I will be an emotional wreck, but I would love to have some friendly faces in the audience cheering me on.  This show is now such a big part of my life and is a significant part of accomplishing my dreams!  I would mean so much to me if you came!

I might be able to get free tickets, so message me!  Otherwise, cheap seats are $17!  Not too shabby, right?!  Front rows and tables are $40.  These prices are with my discount so you have to go through me!  I don’t want anyone saying oh shoot gosh darnit i didn’t know you were leaving, so here is your announcement! (if anyone is still reading this.  lawl)

I love you all! Mwah!

Here are some photos from today!


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New Photos!

The amazing Robert John Kley (website: my new photos for me!  I say amazing because I look like a freaking supermodel!!!  And we all know how I look normally….not like that.  😉 Just kidding.  But seriously, they are great photos!!  He is very talented and professional and I wish I had gotten these done sooner!  But it doesn’t matter because I don’t think they would have turned out as good as these!  Everything just worked!  So happy.  Call him up!  He is in Vegas and LA.  And I love my barbie wig hair.  So suck it!  (no its not a wig) (yes.  i am barbie. duh)

Since I gave my notice in at Jubilee I now have 37 days to find another job!  The pressure is on and I am working really hard. I want to travel, see the world, live in a different country, even a different state, I dont care!  I just wanna DANCE! Emails, auditions, driving, flying.  It’s craziness!  But I really am enjoying the process!  I have been auditioning here in Vegas for almost a year now, which was practice for this very moment.  I’ve gotten a little bit better at getting choreography quickly.  Here is my chance!  God I hope I get it!  

Being in Jubilee has been the best experience of my life, so far!  So grateful to Diane for calling me up and giving me the job of my lifetime.  Will write more on that later.  Now, it’s time for bed!!

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