Chi Town



Last week I went to Chicago for the first time and I LOVE this city!!!  We did lots of tourist attractions like walked around Millennium Park, saw the bean, and ate deep dish pizza!  Which I am now obsessed with.  I went to Navy Pier, went on an architecture boat tour of all the cool buildings, and walked around Lincoln Park Zoo.  We had drinks on a rooftop bar overlooking the beach and downtown in our hoity-toity preppy wear, which I very much enjoyed, as it is quite a different scene from Vegas.  So many things I didn’t get to do like see a Second City show, many different museums, and a bike/food tour, which just sounds fanfrikintastic.  Next time, Chicaaaago!


We also saw Book of Mormon which is the “BEST MUSICAL OF THE LAST 25 YEARS” as the photo above claims.  But I would venture to say its the best musical EVER!  I would pay hundreds of dollars again to see it many more times.  GO SEE IT!  If you enjoy laughing hysterically till you cry, witty well written irony, gay songs, gay tap numbers, and making fun of EVERYONE, this musical is for you! So good.  I highly recommend.


Pizza.  Just look at that ooey-gooey goodness.


Important theater.945085_10151468841731805_1592592217_n

The Bean



Important buildings and water.


Me and my cousins Brigid and Matt.  They grew up in Illinois and now live in Chicago!  So good seeing them both!



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