Home in Huntington Beach!

Living in Vegas has made me appreciate the little things here in HB. Specifically: delicious food items. This weekend will revolve around food, naturally. And Disneyland, of course. Tomorrow we will start off with a dozen hand selected cupcakes from Sprinkles in Newport Beach with some delicious coffee. Maybe a walk around the mall and a drive down pch back to hb and a walk along the beach. Life is tough. For dinner I can’t decide between 25 Degrees burgers or Fred’s Mexican, both on Main St. Ill let dad decide. Friday is dedicated entirely to the delectable menu Disneyland has to offer including enormous corn dogs, dole whip, churros, fried chicken, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and conglomerate cookies. However, I hear that M&M Donuts is amazing in Anaheim. So I’m dragging Adrien there after fireworks and fantasmic. ๐Ÿ™‚ Saturday breakfast at killarneys on main st, either jorges Mexican or peewees burgers for dinner (kind of my favs) if you havnt noticed) , followed by more lazing around at the beach. Then a nice 5 hour drive and back to work at 9pm for a 10pm show! Ta-da! Let the noms begin!