Very excited for the summer to be here and all the fun things ahead.

I’m finally officially a Pussycat Doll! I will be dancing at Ceasars on Fridays at the Pleasure Pit, or something like that…. Meow!






My favorite friends who came to see me.  And their official 2013 Christmas card!  You guyzzz Im so honored to be in it! :p

Moving to a new place soon, hopefully with my dear friend who just moved to Vegas!

Happy to be finishing out my third and final contract with Jubilee! in September! On to new things!

This summer is going to be amazing. Love all my wonderful friends who keep me laughing and my loving family to keep me sane, and also laughing. :p

This week I’m helping Dani move to her new place off the strip. We ate at Blueberry Hill diner last night on Flamingo. Best cinnamon pancakes ever! They tasted like snickerdoodles and were only $4.99!!!! It’s the little things – you know?


Tomorrow I’m going to an Arrested Development party to watch the new season 4 and eat foods like frozen bananas!!!!! So awesome can’t even take it.


One Year in Vegas!



A year ago today I moved to Las Vegas! My how time flies when you’re having fun!! This is my 3rd contract at Jubilee and I’m struggling to finish. However, with a positive attitude, amazing friends, and lots of coffee, we are gettin thru just fine. I love Las Vegas. We work hard at work and audition for things almost every week. But on our down time we hang out by the pool in paradise. Not too shabby. 🙂 I’m excited to spend the summer in Vegas livin the life, but then it’s on to the next adventure, whatever that may be. Cruise ship?! Fingers crossed. 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from working at Jubilee. If you havnt seen me in the show yet, get your butt out here! Free tics on me! This is your official invitation! C’mon down! What a year it has been. Can’t wait for more fun!


Pin Up Girl Photo Shoot!






Couple of unedited photos from this week’s pin up girl photo shoot with a couple of 1950s Air Force planes!  Pretty stoked on how they turned out!  I love the ’20s, and the ’50s. Clothes from those eras are just so much cuter.  Too bad I didn’t get my roots touched up a little earlier…but that’s what photoshop is for right?!  And those black bobby pins…ugh….whoops.  My “victory rolls” aren’t touching each other, but for my second try they turned out pretty good! Check out YouTube for victory roll tutorials like this one that I tried to copy.

WARNING! Boring personal diary entry: Will be attending lots of auditions next week and trying to get my reel together to submit to different shows.  Not feeling satisfied at Jubilee! lately.  The audience is less than appreciative and I just feel lost in the crowd in this cast of 85+.  Feeling a little down and out.  Been doing lots of Insanity workouts, on my 14th day, and trying to eat less, but just end up eating Taco Bell and chocolate instead.  What am I doing?! What am I missing?!

Waiting for Vegas to start heating up and the pool season to get going.  Looks like this weekend will break 100 degrees!  Summer is here, finally!