Quack! – My Chiropractic Experience

What a ridiculous day.  Wanted to write down this story and share so that anyone else out there may read it and be a little more informed than me.  And i mean just read this dude’s wiki page… doesn’t sound real believable.  And Palmer is like the main chiropractic school out there.

So my knee has been hurting me from work (dancing on a steel stage with sticky rubber on high heels), and Id been to a chiropractor before who maybe helped heal my knee.  I tweaked my knee and made an appointment with a chiropractor near my house hoping he would massage it out and put the muscles back in place.  Well.  NEVER go to this guy:  Max Health Center at 8475 S Eastern Ave Ste 101, Las Vegas, NV 89123.  (702) 898-3311.  The adjusting was all well and fine.  All the bones cracked and creaked which felt great.

Then they say I should get an xray because I haven’t gotten one within the last 6 months and its only $15.  Oooooo kay?

So I got one.  They iced my knee and a few minutes later the “Dr.” says “Let’s go look at your xrays!” Well, it was a full on crooked “S” spine that looked like scoliosis.  And I’m thinking, ok well, no one’s spine is perfectly straight, right? So he says a full back adjustment would work.  So I’m like sure, sounds good.  But then I look closer at the xray…there is a metal pants zipper in the xray……I WAS WEARING SWEATPANTS!!!! There is no WAY those were my xrays!  I was NOT WEARING PANTS WITH A ZIPPER!  He went so fast explaining my newly discovered “S” curve in my back nonchalantly like NO BIG DEAL YOU HAVE SCOLIOSIS CONGRATULATIONS, and then we were quickly back in the adjusting room.  I was about to say something, but we moved on. And I am so not confrontational, i just didn’t know how that was going to end positively…

Is this his TACTIC?! Just show people their new SPINAL DISEASE and then happily say no big deal, a couple cracks will fix it up!  AND ITS NOT EVEN MY SPINE?! I just cant believe there are still idiots out there TRYING this scammy stuff!  The rest of the appointment was great!  So nice, so comfortable.  Why bother with scamming people out of $15 every 6 months? Hardly seems worth losing a patient over.

Anyways.  Has anyone ever experienced something like this?  Id love to hear the story?  Should I call them tomorrow and ask to see my correct xrays?  I just don’t see how they could explain their way out of it?!  Guess I’ll call and give them a chance to explain.

Well I will not be going back, and I’ll write a BAD review on Yelp if there is no innocent explanation.  That’s probably the worst thing I could do to them, right?

Ugh.  On to the next Quack!


Come to the Peepshow!

Awesome Friday.

Started the day off at Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay with about 30 Jubilee girls.  Love them!

Then went to happy hour at Double Helix Wine and Whiskey Bar in Town Square.  Great red sangria, amazing food, and lovely sitting outside.  Will definitely be going there frequently.  I highly recommend it!

After dinner we went to see Kelly, my former Jubilee dressing room buddy, (in the red dress below)  in Peepshow! at Planet Hollywood with Coco!




She was amazing and we are so proud of her!!!! Go see Peepshow!

Got some secret shots of the Peepshow 4th Anniversary!   Coco and her cute pups.  Adorbs.

photo (3)

photo (2)