Friday: The Asylum, Heart Attack Grill, Bar Hopping

Today I woke up at 4pm and had some breakfast, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win.  Met up with friends in downtown LV and went to The Asylum, a crazy scary Halloween maze right on Freemont St! We were scared out of our minds!!!!! I have to say it was scarier than Knott’s Scary Farm, maybe because it was 8 minutes long, or just because the people were so good.  They said it was ranked #13 Scariest Haunted House sooooooo thats pretty good.

After that we went to Downtown Cocktail Lounge. I got an interesting Pumpkin Spice drink that was not good so ordered a cherry flavored concoction called an Onomatopoeia instead.

After that we headed to the Heart Attack Grill!!! I was SO excited to go because I saw it on Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins. We all donned patient robes and ordered our Single Bypass Burgers with fries. It was pretty delicious topped with 5 slices of bacon. There were some very large people in the joint, but the best/worst part is that if you weigh yourself on the scale and you weigh over 350 lb your burger is free! 😮

Helping to fight anorexia one burger at a time!!! Or should I say 4!

The scale outside where passersby can see how much you weigh!!!  So we all stood on it together.

Single Coronary Bypass Burgers

Chocolate Butter Fat Shake topped with a slab of butter!

Elyse and her Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger with 20 slices of bacon!

After burgers we bar hopped downtown to Beauty Bar where there are super sparkely walls and fake hair dryers, Don’t Tell Mama where there are amazing singing waitresses who play piano and harmonize, and The Griffen. Finally, to celebrate Derrick’s departure we ended the night at gay club Share.

Me and Kelly at Beauty Bar!

Another fantastic evening in Vegas if I do say so myself till 4:30am.

Tonight at work is the first day of my second contract! All the newbies start tonight so ill no longer be “New Girl.” 😉


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