Summer Pixie Awards 2012!

Had quite the emotional couple of days.  There has been more drama in the past two days than there has been in the past four months!  Granted, most of it is in my head, but there were lots of tears shed today from me.

Starting in the morning, had a little breakdown about rude behavior, so that was fun.

Then at work, I am moving dressing rooms and people are making “jokes” that aren’t very nice.  I just can’t take it in my emotional state right now!!! Please!!!  I feel exactly how I did leaving Disneyland, and Im not even leaving Jubilee!!  Very odd.  I just hope things will calm down and we can get to the fun stuff like Halloween!

We had our Summer 2012 Pixie Awards ceremony today, my first Pixie Awards ever.  The cast votes on funny awards like “Best Abs”,”Best Boobs”, “Most Eligible Bachelor,” “Best Potluck Dish”, etc.  It was quite entertaining and we had a TON of food to eat.

Short nudies

Tons of food

If you’ve seen the show, you will appreciate this.  My favorite part of the awards today.

And the Pixie Fairy made an appearance!

After our two shows of the evening we then had to run the show for a third time for the new cast members.  It was very tiring doing three shows last night AND tonight.  But without the 20 lb costumes on, I felt much better.  It is crazy how much the costumes weigh, slow you down, mess you up, and tip you over.  Even just little bracelets aren’t little!

Lucky girl Elyse got a new smaller hat!  And a lady muff!

The Queen mother in her corner ready for bed, or something…

Our not so cute Tiller shoes.

I pray that tomorrow will be a better day and that I have made the right decisions in life and Jesus will…jk forget the Jesus part.  But maybe he will help me?

Tomorrow we have an early afternoon audition followed by the last two shows of the contract!  I am anticipating tears.  I just know it.  I think I move my stuff over the the Short Nude dressing room tomorrow night and that will be that!  Then we are all heading to a restaurant for the Farewelcome party.  I couldn’t imagine leaving the show so soon, I just got here!  But luckily I am not and have 6 more months at least!  🙂 Hooray!





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