Final Week of My First Contract with Jubilee!

Whew!  What an insanely awesome 4 months in Vegas it has been!  Time has gone so fast and yet I feel like I have been performing in Jubilee!  with this great cast for years!  But we do spend a lot of time together, wearing less than nothing, so I guess we do get to know each other quite quickly.  This upcoming week is the final week of my first contract.  I have another rehearsal Saturday and Sunday after our 10:30pm shows and then Tuesday we start the BIG rehearsals with the entire cast to get the new people acquainted with the stage, elevators, people, lights, etc.  But they don’t even get to practice with the costumes!  I mean that is the BIGGEST part!!!  So really we do THREE shows on Tuesday and Wednesday till early into the morning.  Those days my dad is also coming to Vegas!  Woohoo!!

Today was a very emotional day, but I was happy to finish it off with friends and a pitcher of sangria.  I am moving dressing rooms and had to tell my friends today.  I was a wreck!  But the good part is, I love everybody in the show!  I have to choose between these awesome people, and these awesome people! I mean, how can I do that?!  Another good thing is:  I will literally be 10 feet away…..I can visit them any time I want.  🙂  Which will be often!

I’m glad to have the day off tomorrow with a FULL planned schedule of events.  In the afternoon (after I wake up at 12pm) we are all going to Moorea Mandalay pool, next we are heading to the Greek Festival, and finally finishing the day with a musical at Super Summer Theater called “Leader of the Pack.”  As Fall is starting on Saturday, its the last of the summer musicals!  It is officially Halloween season, which I am PSYCHED for.  🙂

Also my last 7 days in this beauty at work:


The Swirl.  I will always remember it.  😉    But I’m looking forward to doing my new spot in the finale as one of 2 bridesmaids!  Because you know, every awesome show ends with a fabulous wedding!  helllleerrrrr.

Honestly I cannot call this work.  I sure am glad I’m not sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day.  I know I made the best decision to come work here.  I have had nothing but an AMAZING, fun, happy, wonderful time.  Not to say that there have not been days where ughhhh i dont want to go to workkkk.  It is extremely hard on your body.  If your hamstrings aren’t liking the idea of kicking your face 40 times that day, TOO BAD!  You gotta!  If you can’t climb another step on the stairs in 3 inch silver heels with 14 pounds of feathers and rhinestones on your head, well, DO IT!  But I have met some of the nicest, funniest, most loving girls ever who I look forward to seeing everyday.  And suddenly you forget about all the shitty stuff. Can’t wait for the next six months!


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