Flash Floods in the Dressing Room!


A huge thunderclap woke me up today at 1pm in Las Vegas.  Crazy monsoon weather all day long and I got a text message from my friends saying that the dressing room at the show was flooded!  It was quite an entertaining day at Jubilee.  As you can see from the photos, water was everywhere.  This was hours after the FREAKING WALL BURST sending water gushing out of the wall down the dressing room soaking everything on the floor. But the costumes were saved, SAVED!!!!


Water filling light fixtures and dripping from the floor above.  I believe there are stairs right above there, but not even stairs to the outdoors; these are stairs UNDER a three story building, on top of us, in the basement.  Weird.  And gross.  Smelly gross.


Not a great photo, but the wall cracked and caved out because of crazy water pressure.  Flash floods in Nevada are no joke!  It rains down hard and fast and our 30 something year old building cannot handle it.  20120912-021800.jpgJust your runathemill leak in the basement ceiling….. -_- BASEMENT ceiling…like…where did it come from to get all the way down here?!


All our crap rescued from the floor drying on our stations.  And my safe and sound Louis Vuitton.  (Not harmed in the flooding of the dressing room.  Whew!)20120912-021849.jpgAnd Nicole demonstrating how loving and caring she is about her fellow cast members and how important it is to de-mold your walls post flooding.  🙂  Thanks, Nicole!


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