Friday: The Asylum, Heart Attack Grill, Bar Hopping

Today I woke up at 4pm and had some breakfast, Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the win.  Met up with friends in downtown LV and went to The Asylum, a crazy scary Halloween maze right on Freemont St! We were scared out of our minds!!!!! I have to say it was scarier than Knott’s Scary Farm, maybe because it was 8 minutes long, or just because the people were so good.  They said it was ranked #13 Scariest Haunted House sooooooo thats pretty good.

After that we went to Downtown Cocktail Lounge. I got an interesting Pumpkin Spice drink that was not good so ordered a cherry flavored concoction called an Onomatopoeia instead.

After that we headed to the Heart Attack Grill!!! I was SO excited to go because I saw it on Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins. We all donned patient robes and ordered our Single Bypass Burgers with fries. It was pretty delicious topped with 5 slices of bacon. There were some very large people in the joint, but the best/worst part is that if you weigh yourself on the scale and you weigh over 350 lb your burger is free! 😮

Helping to fight anorexia one burger at a time!!! Or should I say 4!

The scale outside where passersby can see how much you weigh!!!  So we all stood on it together.

Single Coronary Bypass Burgers

Chocolate Butter Fat Shake topped with a slab of butter!

Elyse and her Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger with 20 slices of bacon!

After burgers we bar hopped downtown to Beauty Bar where there are super sparkely walls and fake hair dryers, Don’t Tell Mama where there are amazing singing waitresses who play piano and harmonize, and The Griffen. Finally, to celebrate Derrick’s departure we ended the night at gay club Share.

Me and Kelly at Beauty Bar!

Another fantastic evening in Vegas if I do say so myself till 4:30am.

Tonight at work is the first day of my second contract! All the newbies start tonight so ill no longer be “New Girl.” 😉


Last Day of My First Jubilee! Contract!


Ta da!  I did it!  I survived my first contract at Jubilee!  My last day today in the beautiful original Bob Mackie jewel box finale costume “The Swirl.”  I have loved wearing this fabulous feathery outfit and rising up to the stage on the huge silver staircase.


But alas, I must don another great glittery costume for another 6 months!  Tried on my bridesmaid costume today.  It is quite fun to wear, but lots of sweaty ostrich feathers down my back for the finale.  Life of a showgirl is so hard! 😉 I love this show very much and am excited for the months ahead.  Come see me!!

Summer Pixie Awards 2012!

Had quite the emotional couple of days.  There has been more drama in the past two days than there has been in the past four months!  Granted, most of it is in my head, but there were lots of tears shed today from me.

Starting in the morning, had a little breakdown about rude behavior, so that was fun.

Then at work, I am moving dressing rooms and people are making “jokes” that aren’t very nice.  I just can’t take it in my emotional state right now!!! Please!!!  I feel exactly how I did leaving Disneyland, and Im not even leaving Jubilee!!  Very odd.  I just hope things will calm down and we can get to the fun stuff like Halloween!

We had our Summer 2012 Pixie Awards ceremony today, my first Pixie Awards ever.  The cast votes on funny awards like “Best Abs”,”Best Boobs”, “Most Eligible Bachelor,” “Best Potluck Dish”, etc.  It was quite entertaining and we had a TON of food to eat.

Short nudies

Tons of food

If you’ve seen the show, you will appreciate this.  My favorite part of the awards today.

And the Pixie Fairy made an appearance!

After our two shows of the evening we then had to run the show for a third time for the new cast members.  It was very tiring doing three shows last night AND tonight.  But without the 20 lb costumes on, I felt much better.  It is crazy how much the costumes weigh, slow you down, mess you up, and tip you over.  Even just little bracelets aren’t little!

Lucky girl Elyse got a new smaller hat!  And a lady muff!

The Queen mother in her corner ready for bed, or something…

Our not so cute Tiller shoes.

I pray that tomorrow will be a better day and that I have made the right decisions in life and Jesus will…jk forget the Jesus part.  But maybe he will help me?

Tomorrow we have an early afternoon audition followed by the last two shows of the contract!  I am anticipating tears.  I just know it.  I think I move my stuff over the the Short Nude dressing room tomorrow night and that will be that!  Then we are all heading to a restaurant for the Farewelcome party.  I couldn’t imagine leaving the show so soon, I just got here!  But luckily I am not and have 6 more months at least!  🙂 Hooray!




My New Jubilee! Bridesmaid Costume

Starting this Saturday I’ll be wearing this costume everyday twice a day instead of my big green swirl. Come and see the most fabulous glittery wedding of the year with me as one of the bridesmaids!!

This is one of Bob Mackie’s original sketches for Jubilee!

Find most of the show’s sketches here! :

My Week In Photos

Today on the finale stairs before we go up on stage.  With two blue feathery beauties.  Our last covered show of the contract.  5 more days in this costume!  Sad to leave it, but the back pack is starting to hurt, as you may be able to see, it is lopsided.

Me and Tina!  Her last week in the show!  Here’s her blog:  You can follow her as she goes back to New York on Saturday!!

At my favorite place Crown and Anchor.  Its a little secret locals spot.  😉  So cool.  One raspberry cider please!

Me and Val at Margarita Monday!!! (Sorry Tina, I stole this from your blog!)   ❤

Final Week of My First Contract with Jubilee!

Whew!  What an insanely awesome 4 months in Vegas it has been!  Time has gone so fast and yet I feel like I have been performing in Jubilee!  with this great cast for years!  But we do spend a lot of time together, wearing less than nothing, so I guess we do get to know each other quite quickly.  This upcoming week is the final week of my first contract.  I have another rehearsal Saturday and Sunday after our 10:30pm shows and then Tuesday we start the BIG rehearsals with the entire cast to get the new people acquainted with the stage, elevators, people, lights, etc.  But they don’t even get to practice with the costumes!  I mean that is the BIGGEST part!!!  So really we do THREE shows on Tuesday and Wednesday till early into the morning.  Those days my dad is also coming to Vegas!  Woohoo!!

Today was a very emotional day, but I was happy to finish it off with friends and a pitcher of sangria.  I am moving dressing rooms and had to tell my friends today.  I was a wreck!  But the good part is, I love everybody in the show!  I have to choose between these awesome people, and these awesome people! I mean, how can I do that?!  Another good thing is:  I will literally be 10 feet away…..I can visit them any time I want.  🙂  Which will be often!

I’m glad to have the day off tomorrow with a FULL planned schedule of events.  In the afternoon (after I wake up at 12pm) we are all going to Moorea Mandalay pool, next we are heading to the Greek Festival, and finally finishing the day with a musical at Super Summer Theater called “Leader of the Pack.”  As Fall is starting on Saturday, its the last of the summer musicals!  It is officially Halloween season, which I am PSYCHED for.  🙂

Also my last 7 days in this beauty at work:


The Swirl.  I will always remember it.  😉    But I’m looking forward to doing my new spot in the finale as one of 2 bridesmaids!  Because you know, every awesome show ends with a fabulous wedding!  helllleerrrrr.

Honestly I cannot call this work.  I sure am glad I’m not sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day.  I know I made the best decision to come work here.  I have had nothing but an AMAZING, fun, happy, wonderful time.  Not to say that there have not been days where ughhhh i dont want to go to workkkk.  It is extremely hard on your body.  If your hamstrings aren’t liking the idea of kicking your face 40 times that day, TOO BAD!  You gotta!  If you can’t climb another step on the stairs in 3 inch silver heels with 14 pounds of feathers and rhinestones on your head, well, DO IT!  But I have met some of the nicest, funniest, most loving girls ever who I look forward to seeing everyday.  And suddenly you forget about all the shitty stuff. Can’t wait for the next six months!

Flash Floods in the Dressing Room!


A huge thunderclap woke me up today at 1pm in Las Vegas.  Crazy monsoon weather all day long and I got a text message from my friends saying that the dressing room at the show was flooded!  It was quite an entertaining day at Jubilee.  As you can see from the photos, water was everywhere.  This was hours after the FREAKING WALL BURST sending water gushing out of the wall down the dressing room soaking everything on the floor. But the costumes were saved, SAVED!!!!


Water filling light fixtures and dripping from the floor above.  I believe there are stairs right above there, but not even stairs to the outdoors; these are stairs UNDER a three story building, on top of us, in the basement.  Weird.  And gross.  Smelly gross.


Not a great photo, but the wall cracked and caved out because of crazy water pressure.  Flash floods in Nevada are no joke!  It rains down hard and fast and our 30 something year old building cannot handle it.  20120912-021800.jpgJust your runathemill leak in the basement ceiling….. -_- BASEMENT ceiling…like…where did it come from to get all the way down here?!


All our crap rescued from the floor drying on our stations.  And my safe and sound Louis Vuitton.  (Not harmed in the flooding of the dressing room.  Whew!)20120912-021849.jpgAnd Nicole demonstrating how loving and caring she is about her fellow cast members and how important it is to de-mold your walls post flooding.  🙂  Thanks, Nicole!