Jubilee! Cast Goes to See Phantom of the Opera!


Part Four of my most awesomest week ever: Phantom!  The show was incredible!  When the chandelier came to life in the beginning of the show and the famous organ music started I was fighting back tears!  It’s a breath taking theater with ornate gold design and red velvet box seats.  The show was amazing!


Julie and I on the Phantom stage in our twinsie dresses.  Where we were born to be! 😉  Thanks to Julie being BFF’s with some of the Phantom cast, we got to go BACKSTAGE!


We were a little excited.  I loved meeting some of the Phantom cast members and seeing their backstage and dressing rooms.  They have an ELEVATOR which needs to be installed in our Jubilee! theater pronto!  I would love to avoid the 1,010 stairs i have to climb every day! 😀 (bats eyelashes)




Showgirls!  Phantom was great and all, but I especially loved the part when we were backstage and some random people on a tour saw we were the showgirls from Jubilee! and asked us to take a picture with them!  Hahah so famous!  Even at Phantom! 😮


Gorgeous staircase from the Masquerade scene up close and personal because we are Jubilee! VIP!!!!!


Me and the very handsome Andrew who has been in the show for 4 1/2 years and plays Raoul!  He has the most beautiful voice!  And he’s just beautiful also.  😉  I had a fabulous time!!

Vegas Tip #123:  See this show before it leaves Vegas in September!  The Phantom theater at The Venetian Hotel was built FOR this show which makes it infinitely more fantastic.  What they’re saying is true: you will never see it like this again!  The chandelier scenes are awesome and the whole atmosphere of the theater is brilliant, which you can’t experience in Newark, New Jersey or even L.A.  Plus, the singing is to die for!  Go see it!


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