Jubilee! Line Up Audition Day

Me in my audition outfit today.

Today was pretty surreal. A year ago exactly I was auditioning to be a showgirl in Jubilee! here in Vegas. I was cut after the first round. I called my dad to meet me in The Paris Hotel and I lost it. I was sobbing. Not that I thought I would be cast, but I wanted to be in the show so badly.

Today we had to lineup with our respective lines, bluebell and nude, in our teensiest sparkliest underwear we could find. We all had a fun time getting ready in our outfits downstairs. It was such a cool feeling compared to the last audition. I’m a part of the cast. 🙂 in the cool gang. Hahaha

For the audition all we had to do was walk to the mic, say our name, and walk off. Easiest audition ever. But it better be when you do it every 6 months.

Afterward a few of us went to Sugar Factory and indulged in some real food after borderline starvation in preparation for auditions. 😉 jk. Sorta.

And of course, 2 shows that night! Did you really think we would get the day off?! 😉

I am so happy to be here, in Vegas, in jubilee, livin’ the dream. And it really is a dream! 🙂


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