Bellagio, MJ Live, and Bacon

Well Vegas certainly hasn’t been disappointing this girl. What a week! My dad and our English relatives visited me this week and we stayed at the gorgeous rooms at the Bellagio. What a treat! It was lots of fun. I had the night off on Wednesday and we saw “O” by Cirque du Soleil. I was fighting back tears because they are so amazing. Another wonderful show. I wish I could be a dancer in cirque one day.

My dad and I before the show. Looking cute. But I have to post this photo:

I Mistakenly asked a bored tourist to take our photo. are you kidding me? Has he ever held a camera before in his life? Probably not by the looks of it. Okay moving on.

Cool O costume.


Bob and Chris admiring the Vegas beauty. 😉


Spectacular views from our Bellagio room.

After my fam left, the girls and I went to see MJ Live at the Rio since we all got free tics cuz were just that awesome. I loved it! We had so much fun screaming “Michael, we love you!”. And the singing and dancing was good too!

Today at work we had a bacon themed potluck for Taryns birthday.


What do showgirls eat, you ask? Oh yes, bacon topped, bacon filled, maple syrup cupcakes. Duh. 🙂


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