I Survived One Month in Vegas!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have been a Vegas showgirl for one month!  It’s laughable when some girls in the show have been there for years… but I am still standing!  On two feet!  What a whirlwind month it has been!  This show is absolutely amazing and I am so happy to be here.  Everyone in the cast is wonderful and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better.

Things I have learned so far as a Las Vegas Showgirl:

1.  1,300 stairs a night hurts a lot.  The arch of my foot had really started to bug me and I was worried I really seriously injured it.  Luckily, with lots of stretching, ibuprofen, and many different foot pads, the pain is gone!  I am sure in time it will be a normal “i climb up and down 1300 stairs every day with 15 pounds on my head/back, so my feet hurt” kind of thing.  But thankfully its not a “omg i cant even walk kinds of pain.”

2.  When my friends and family come to visit, I am not allowed to be on vacation like them. I have had at least one guest a week at my show which I think is phenomenal!  I am so happy to have friends and family in the audience.  It really brightens my day! haha.  And while they ask me out to drinks, dinner, breakfast, etc, I really am not allowed to EAT like I am on vacation.  Me and my fam, we love to eat.  But if I eat what i NORMALLY do in HB….I will NOT repeat will NOT fit into my diamond g-strings.  😉  My dad kept telling me to get through the plate of nachos and to make sure I was eating.  It was not a good show night.

3.  Vegas clubs suck.  I have yet to experience an AWESOME club scene here on The Strip.  Maybe i am old, or over it, or just classy, ;), but I hate the clubs.  I love dancing with friends, but man oh man, the desperate chicks in tight dresses are hilariously terrible.  The even more desperate guys are gross.  And im not a fan of being in a small cramped space, with LOUD music, and having nasty vodka drinks spilled drunkenly down my back.  Ew.

4.  Topless pools are fun and awesome.  Nuff said about that.

5.  Being a dancer is the best job in the world.  I know my non-profit buddies may be reading this blog right now, so, love you guys and my job back home, but being a Vegas Showgirl is rad.  I feel so lucky to be sitting in the dressing room next to the most amazing, talented women in the world.  I have so much to learn, but I still feel like…I made it!  It’s a great feeling to love going in to work every day.  Even though I did that back in HB, this is the big time, and I still love it.  I perform for two huge audiences a night in elaborate jewels, feathers, and costumes that have been passed down through generations. Sitting at a computer does not compare to the lights, the makeup, the glamor.  Sorry, but Im not sorry, I have the best job in the world.

Thanks for reading! Come see my show!


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