I Survived One Month in Vegas!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have been a Vegas showgirl for one month!  It’s laughable when some girls in the show have been there for years… but I am still standing!  On two feet!  What a whirlwind month it has been!  This show is absolutely amazing and I am so happy to be here.  Everyone in the cast is wonderful and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better.

Things I have learned so far as a Las Vegas Showgirl:

1.  1,300 stairs a night hurts a lot.  The arch of my foot had really started to bug me and I was worried I really seriously injured it.  Luckily, with lots of stretching, ibuprofen, and many different foot pads, the pain is gone!  I am sure in time it will be a normal “i climb up and down 1300 stairs every day with 15 pounds on my head/back, so my feet hurt” kind of thing.  But thankfully its not a “omg i cant even walk kinds of pain.”

2.  When my friends and family come to visit, I am not allowed to be on vacation like them. I have had at least one guest a week at my show which I think is phenomenal!  I am so happy to have friends and family in the audience.  It really brightens my day! haha.  And while they ask me out to drinks, dinner, breakfast, etc, I really am not allowed to EAT like I am on vacation.  Me and my fam, we love to eat.  But if I eat what i NORMALLY do in HB….I will NOT repeat will NOT fit into my diamond g-strings.  😉  My dad kept telling me to get through the plate of nachos and to make sure I was eating.  It was not a good show night.

3.  Vegas clubs suck.  I have yet to experience an AWESOME club scene here on The Strip.  Maybe i am old, or over it, or just classy, ;), but I hate the clubs.  I love dancing with friends, but man oh man, the desperate chicks in tight dresses are hilariously terrible.  The even more desperate guys are gross.  And im not a fan of being in a small cramped space, with LOUD music, and having nasty vodka drinks spilled drunkenly down my back.  Ew.

4.  Topless pools are fun and awesome.  Nuff said about that.

5.  Being a dancer is the best job in the world.  I know my non-profit buddies may be reading this blog right now, so, love you guys and my job back home, but being a Vegas Showgirl is rad.  I feel so lucky to be sitting in the dressing room next to the most amazing, talented women in the world.  I have so much to learn, but I still feel like…I made it!  It’s a great feeling to love going in to work every day.  Even though I did that back in HB, this is the big time, and I still love it.  I perform for two huge audiences a night in elaborate jewels, feathers, and costumes that have been passed down through generations. Sitting at a computer does not compare to the lights, the makeup, the glamor.  Sorry, but Im not sorry, I have the best job in the world.

Thanks for reading! Come see my show!


Bob Mackie Designs

While we’re on the subject of fashion…..just because this is supposed to be a fashion blog….as well as a whatever-I-want-it-to-be-blog….lets talk some more about my show’s FASHION STATEMENTS!

Lordy lordy! Dont get me started!  This is an original sketch by Bob Mackie, Jubilee’s costume designer.  This one happens to be the outfit I get to wear everyday!  Just another day at the office!  NOT!

How incredible is this?  She is just beautiful.  I hope that I can live up to Mr. Mackie’s standards.  Here I am pigging out on a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies when Im supposed to look like this stick of a woman!  😉

Well anyways, here I am in Jubilee’s green finale costume “The Swirl.”

Ahmazing.  Dripping in jewels.  Every girls dream, am I right?

Marylou and Ashley were my first audience guests ever.  I am so happy they made it out to Vegas to watch me in the show!  And if you havn’t figured it out by now, yes, the show is mostly topless.  But I love it!  The show is absolutely beautiful.  Come see Jubilee!  at Bally’s Las Vegas!


Memorial Day BBQ – IN VEGAS!

Had a lovely Memorial Day BBQ to celebrate our service people!  Or mostly to celebrate our day off!  So glad to have Kara in Vegas as the trailblazer she is.  Couldn’t have made the move without her!  Had a fabulous day at her place with new friends.  BBQ was delish and of course, the weather was perfect!

Vegas is my ideal weather…HOT HOT HOT!

Quite a spread!

H&M Bikini!  I swear I have bottoms on…. -_-

Me, Kara, and her roomie Meradith

Beautiful ladies!

Awesome new friends!  🙂

PS: Thank you Kara for all these pics!