14 Days of Rehearsals= Jubilee! Magic

What a crazy couple of weeks!  Learned the entire Jubilee! show in about 2 weeks!  14 rehearsals.  Everyday except Fridays.  At LEAST one rehearsal a day.  And I’ll be in all 10 numbers tomorrow.  This is the most dancing I have ever had to do in my life!  But I am so in love!  This is a dream come true.  I still can’t believe I am really here, living in Vegas, chatting with the girls in the show who are the most beautiful women in the world: my co-stars of Jubilee! 😉  These girls who I admire and look up to are now sitting next to me in the dressing room.

How did this even happen?!  Well…lots of hard work and perseverance, and a little dumb luck thrown in there.  Just have to say again, wow.  This is the best job in the whole world.

I’ve been through showgirl bootcamp these past two weeks.  Thoroughly thrilled with getting privately trained in the numbers by the best of the best on the fabulous stage.  🙂  Will never forget it.

The entire show is like one long quick change.  Never get to sit down.  Intensive!  But we are wearing the most beautiful costumes you have ever laid eyes on.  Its worth it!  Plus up and down stairs to the dressing room for every number.  How many stairs do we climb up and down a night?  I think its something like 600.  :0  Its the showgirl workout.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  I will be adding three numbers to my repertoire for the shows.  Hopefully all goes well!

My mom and sister are coming to see the show in June, and my dad hopefully will see it in July!  Everyone else, get your butts to Vegas!  You do not want to miss this incredible show because I AM IN IT! hahahahaha.  Please do come see me!  Text me and tickets are CHEAP!  So you get special price if you know my numba!  😉 Everyone else, full price for you.  jk.  sortof.

Thanks to everyone out there for your love and support.  You mean so much to me! 🙂

Big kisses!




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