Jubilee! Rehearsals: Day Two

Don’t think I have any photos from today, but it’ll just be a quick update.

At 1:45pm I had a wig fitting.

Had a second four hour rehearsal today from 2-6pm and learned two more numbers for a total of three.  Feeling very honored and special to be learning the numbers one on one from a real showgirl.  My dance captain is the epitome of awesome.  She’s been in the show for five years and knows every spot.  Insane!  The dance numbers are so cool.  This show is really fun and I cant wait for y’all to come see it!  I can’t wait till I know everything like the back of my hand.  Learning and keeping it in my brain is the tough part.

After 4 hours of rehearsals. Went to do costume fittings.  I tried on the most amazing outfits in the entire world today.  Dripping in diamonds, jewels, feathers and sequins.  I felt like the luckiest girl.  Got fitted for about 6 costumes and hats and headpieces.  Bob Mackie is the costume designer with all the original designs and costumes in the show from years and years ago.  Finale is the craziest outfit spanning about 5 feet wide of feathers.  😮  Can’t wait to be in the show!

Tomorrow I have morning rehearsals at 10am, watch the show at 7:30pm, then more rehearsing on stage in between shows at 10pm.

Till tomorrow!  TIme to get some much needed sleep!


PS: Also want to mention that THIS blog post actually happened.  Yay!


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