I’m Exhausted

WOW. Today I endured my first 4 hours of rehearsals for Jubilee!  I was by myself with my awesome dance captain in the basement of the stage learning the most difficult dance number of my life.  Never have I had to learn such a hard dance in such a short amount of time.  Classical ballet is very predictable.  Tombe pas de bourre glissade jette.  This is like: KICK STEP TOUCH TOUCH PAS DE BOURRE KICK TURN TOUCH ARM HAND LOOK JUMP PUNCH RUN UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS AND SMILE!

Surprised Im still awake right now, but I had an awesome day.  Going around backstage still not believing that Im going to be in the cast.  Still feel like an awkward visitor to the set.  And known as “the new girl.” Womp womp.  Also, sitting next to another Natalie in the dressing room.  So ill be Nat.

Bally’s signage

Paris signage.

More awesome Bally’s signage.  Ill be trying on my costumes tomorrow!!! AGHHHHHH! They are ah-ma-zing.



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